Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, June 29, 2015

Just an update, I'm all gee with my ankle. Xrays showed up and I'm all good. I can walk normally without any pains, but it's still not normal. It hurts a little to sit crosslegged ... which is my favorite sitting position but that's okay. Anyway, this past week was great like any other week with Hermana Maltos :D We've seen a lot of miracles. It's a little hard right now because we don't have too many investigators nor references from members, so we've been contacting a lot. Rafael cabrera has a baptism date for Sunday July 11 but we'll see how that goes because we still have a few things to teach and that he needs to do. Also, we have a family who is golden! The only problem is that because they own their own business, they don't have a lot of time. But they have a sincere interest and our bishop is good friends with them and has been talking about the church with them so it's slow going and we teach when we find them at home, but they are super amazing and are prepared for something great in the church :D maybe future stake president :D

As a missionary, you have many awesome opportunities to meet new people and to be able to teach them and get to know a little about their stories. If there's one thing that I can say about the members here is that although they are few, they are very strong. One of the gifts that the Lord has given me is to hear the stories about the members and investigators. If you ask the right questions and follow the spirit, they open up and tell you their story. And wow, it's an amazing thing to discover. Sometimes the stories are sad and you want to cry with them. For example, when a wife and mother of three tells you her husband has another woman who is pregnant. Or when their child passed away a couple years ago and it still hurts them. But then you hear the conversion stories and realize that these people, although having had trials, discovered the gospel and the happiness that it brings to the family. And that's when you realize that there is hope. and that's when you can truly testify to your investigators that there is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, there are the open arms of the Savior waiting for them. And when you see them walking toward those arms, whether or not they get baptized when you are still around, that's what I love about the mission. That's when you can rejoice. D&C18:10, 15 I believe talks about the joy you can feel when you see them walking toward the Savior. 

I hope that this week we can all look for someone who is struggling and give them this hope and this light: the gospel. Sometimes we don't have a lot of physical materials to offer to meet their needs. But we do have the gospel and the Lord does have his promised blessings for us D&C14:7. The greatest gift we have to offer with Him is eternal life. And it doesn't matter if this person is active in the church, or someone who doesn't know about it. I invite you all to look for that person and help them along. It may be a process, it may not. But it's our job to look for them.

Thank you all for all your love and support! Love you all and enjoy the summer break! 

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

It’s not like you guys need these pics because you always get to see the beach, hahaha but here's what we did a couple minutes ago before we came to email

and more pics of us...

a structure in the capital ... idk what it means but its nice! 

our zone activity ... where I hurt my ankle hahaha but after the volleyball, they brought out some water balloons! Or i should say some regular sized balloons full of water! Everyone was soaked by the end!

I tried to take a picture of the twins lol they had matching shirts. This is elder aquino, he's dominican. Right as I said "three!" a huge bucket of water was thrown at them! 

Elder Aquino and Elder Gomez are the best! They are the office elders and are like my bros :) Elder Gomez is from Guatemala and Elder Aquino from the DR. 

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