Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hey guys! So this past week was amazing! Thank you so much for sending the packaged and for looking for the mosquito repellent. I appreciate it! And no worries, it isn't a big hurry. I get bit anyway, with or without the repellent. Yups, lets just say that I'm going every day with a lot of prayers lol. As of right now, there aren't any sicknesses going around. But there is a lot of heat, so I'm still drinking tons of water (dad) and resting when I can. The heat exhaustes us easily and by Sunday, I can barely walk lol. But it's all good :D I love the feeling that comes after a nice long day of hard work. 

I'm glad that you guys were able to go to the temple! I wish that I could go more often. I think i might only have 2 more chances to go to the temple and see the session in spanish. And that is so cool! To see and understand it in spanish has brought a lot of things into my perspectiv, believe it or not. I know we always learn from being in the temple, but wow, it's been pretty cool! 

As Hermana leader, there are a few more responsibilities, but I love them. It makes me feel like I'm giving a little back to the mission. I know I will never truly be able to pay back the mission for all that it has given me, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, so this responsibility makes me feel a little better, like I can help just a little more. We have a few extra meetings (which I love going to!) and we also have exchanges to do with the other sisters in our zone... which there are only 2 out of the 20 of us. But they are super great and we really don't need to worry too much about watching out for them. 

And yes, dad, i thought of you and how the temple is the end goal. I'm sorry that maybe this mission is a few steps behind your brillant mind, hahaha!! But yes, I really have thought of it since the beginning of my mission, about the temple being the end goal. Really! But now in the mission they are putting more goals so that it is one big goal that everyone is working towards. There is a new policy too that we aren't allowed to teach kids unless we teach the parents with them. And as for couples, we have to teach them together in order for one to get baptized. So things really are changing here in our mission. And it's renewed my excitement. 

Not gonna lie, being a missionary isn't easy. But when things are going good, they are amazing! I have an amazing companion, an area with a lot of potential, and a lot of good ward members to work with. Now, we know that there must needs be an opposition in all things. Yups, the only thing holding us back is that we are SOOOO tired!!! All the time! it really sucks. Our minds and hearts want to work, but our bodies rebel against us. It sucks. And today, for PDay, I kinda rolled my ankle.  We were just playing volleyball! And it was according to the rules too! I even landed on an elders shoulder and that knocked the wind outta me. But then what happened? I jumped up and when i came down, my ankle just rolled.So shame. and I'm mad. But No worries, I can still walk. It's just swollen. So I'm gonna elevate it, put some ice on it, and wrap it when I'm not using it. DON'T PANIC DAD!! I'm OK!! hahaha still feeling ridiculous, but ok. 

Anyway, a little about my area. I'm in the city, basically the capital, Santo Domingo. But my area is called Via Francisca. It's actually 2 big areas, because there were 6 missionaries that were in this area before they took out four. So, it's a big area. A little more crazier than my other areas that I've been in, and a lot faster paced. It's crazy! But I'm closer to everything! It's beautiful! I don't need to worry too much about not having water, I can take a real shower, with a shower head and not a bucket, we almost always have electricity. Wonderful! And the members are super nice. There are some that work more with us than others, but I love them all just the same. It's a little hard to work with them, just because they have jobs, families, and are studying, all at the same time. So we don't really leave too much with the members because they don't have time. But it's okay, we understand. 

As for our investigators, they are great. We are working with one lady who has a smoking problem and loves her cup of coffee every morning. ... to the point she even said she won't get baptized. But we keep trying. Another girl, who is 12, is super prepared for baptism and has a lot of support from the young women's program ... but since the new policy came out, we need to talk with our mission president to see if she can still get baptized because her family doesn't want to listen to us. the rest are kinda new, but we have a lot of families we are trying to work with and are finding a lot of inactive members. We really are using all the things our mission president has told us to apply in the mission, and boy we are seeing miracles! It's pretty awesome! 

Anyway, I want to send some pics to you all, so I'll end by saying this: look for those who haven't been to church in a while. We've encountered some who want to come back to church, but don't have the stewardship they need or want from the members. It's kinda sad to see, but it's true. So I invite you all to help out the missionaries with finding less actives and helping them return to the fold, because they need the blessings of the church too.

Love you all and thank you for your love and support and for updating me with everything. Take care and have a great week!

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

P.S. Love you mom and dad! Thanks for all that you guys do for me, and for emailing me every week, even though you might have a lot to do or you are tired. i really do appreciate it. Know that I love you and I always share about you guys! Btws, mom, a lot of people in this area think you are my cousin or sister because you look so young! And unfortunately, they say I look like dad ... just kidding! hahaha love you guys and have fun this week with no school!

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