Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, June 8, 2015

The end goal in sight

Hola! Thanks for the update on how everone is doing. I can´t believe that everyone is coming home already! And pretty soon, Karisa! And dad, about yuliana´s baptism, because we are just a group, we are technically a branch off of another ward. So that ward´s bishopric is who presides over everything we do. we have a group leader, but the bishop is the one who has the keys of our group, even though he may not always be in our group. So he came down with our group leader to get to know Yuliana and to talk with her mom and it was great because then he could get to know the person that was going to join into his branch. Also, because Yuliana is a little special, our mission president is the one that did the interview. And he was very impressed with Yuliana and even came to her baptism! 

So, this week has been amazing! and a little crazy.At first, I spent 2 days with another sister, Hermana Frias (she´s dominican) because some sisters in the mission are a little sick and president didn´t allow them to leave the house, even for transfers. So I was actually in another area with another sister for a couple of days until things got better and I could finally be with my sister! I have definitely enjoyed being with my sister again and our lessons have been awesome. Our district leader has challenged us to mention the temple in all of our lessons because, he explained, even though the baptisms are important, we actually want them to go to the temple, to endure to the end to be able to go there one day. and it´s true. If you think about it, having baptisms without having the temple as their end goal is like making a cake without sugar. It could still turn out okay, but it won´t be as sweet. I speak from experience too. I´ve had a few of my converts go inactive, and I don´t know why. Perhaps I didn´t teach them well enough about their end goal. But this week, in all of our lessons, we mentioned the temple and how that is the end goal that we, as missionaries, have for them, our dominican family. And each time, the spirit was very powerful and you could see them all thinking it over, the old and the young. And a lot of them have seen the temple here in the dominican republic, and know how beautiful it is. 

So this week, I invite you all to focus on the temple and what you can do each day to be able to go there. It doesn´t matter whether or not you have a temple recommend. I can promise you that there is something that we can do NOW to be able to go there one day, to enter, to make eternal covenants, and recieve the promised blessings our Father in Heaven has for us. That is our end goal. And we should always have this in our sight. And if you all feel like you are already doing something, then share about the temple with others. I realize now that a ton of people know what it is, members or not. Share with them about the beautiful building and invite them to start changing their lives to be able to do it. 

Thank you all for the letters, emails, and pictures! I love you all so much and hope that you have an amazing week! 

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

Pics in my new area :D

The beach was full of trash, but it was nice to smell the ocean again :D

Me and my sister

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