Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Im sorry that I can't be there for you and your birthday, but let's just say that I'm there in spirit. You are an amazing example for me and for your friends and for the rest of your family. And don't forget that you are a daughter of God. That's most important. A lot of my investigators here right now are about your age. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. The sad thing is that they are the only ones in their family that are interested. It's really hard to teach them, because they are so interested and wanting to learn, but because of their age, their parents make a lot of decisions for them still. Like instead of going to church, they have something else with their family. Or they don't have time to read their scriptures. Or they just don't have motivation to learn and progress. It makes me so grateful to know that I have a sister who has already progressed and grown so much in these past couple of years, spiritually, physically, mentally. You read on your own, you desire to learn and grow, you make good decisions. Thank you! Youre the best 1st little sister that I have!! Anyway, This email is specifically for you and to answer the questions that you asked me in your letter to me. Ready?

Here in the DR, it's muggy and hot. basically, it's pointless to take a shower because you are just gonna get all gross right after. and because of the weather, there are so many mosquitos and I get bitten, no matter how much repelent I use!! It's hardly ever cold here (to me anyway) so I have the fan blowing on me all night until the power goes out (which is very normal here). But I wake up a little sweaty.

The qualities I admire in my campanion are patience, organization, and strength, both physical and mental, to continue to press forward and preach. And she demonstrates these so well!

If I had to write an essay in Spanish, I would definitely need at least a month to write the first draft! It's still hard to learn, but it's ok. It gets better and better every day and I just trust in the Lord. 

Here, it's ... not as pretty, but it could be worse. People have been taught that if you have trash, to throw it in the street. So there's tons of trash everywhere and when it rains, the trash clogs the gutters, so it floods (as it did a couple times this past week). I can sorta see the beach. My area covers from the beach up maybe a mile or two. It's a small area, but if we walk to the end, we are at the "highway", which is right next to the beach. 

Hahaha, no we don't actually have tests here. But every day is a test, technically; a test to see if you are a different person than you were yesterday, if you apply what you learned yesterday to today, and if you are improving. I guess that's kinda a moral test, so to speak. And it's always a test to see how much of the language you know when you talk to the people ... gotta say, I ain't getting A pluses in that aspect!!

Similarities in the islands ... yes, there are many. The lifestyle here is laid back, like Hawaii, if not more so. The people here are about the same friendly. It's to the point where, if you say hi, no matter how mean looking they are, they smile back at you (which makes them not mean looking) and say hi back! The fruits here are very much the same. The best way to describe how this place looks is ... kinda the ghetto of Waikiki, add 10x more wires everywhere(and you wonder why there's rolling blackouts here), more trash, and more humidity. 

The big sports here are baseball and basketball and footbol (aka soccer. football football is called footbol americana). You see kids just practicing baseball in the street with a ball and a pole or stick. As for basketball, it includes a hoop that's on the corner of the street, half court. People get really into it! I've though about trying to take the ball and shoot a basket, show off my skills and then I remember ... I don't got any with basketball!! 

And my favorite hymn? That's hard. It changes every day. But right now, it's I know that My Redeemer Lives and I Need Thee Every Hour. The first, because my testimony is all I can really give these people at this point in their language and the lyrics are pretty much how I would praise my Savior right now, and how Im trying to. and the second, because, well, it's pretty self explanitory. Read the lyrics, and its like a prayer for me to the Lord. I sing it pretty often. 

Anyway, that's all for now. I love you little sis! Keep being a good example! And don't let anyone get you down.Trials will come, people will say things, but remember: You are a daughter of God and can be a goddess.  A lot of people don't understand the importance or magnificence of that, but I know that you do. I hope you do. Love you! Enjoy your birthday!!


Hermana Ho (Kamalei)

P.S. sorry it's so long. But it's the least I can do for you on your birthday :)

Kamalei's companion

Hermana Fletcher is Kamalei's companion and her mom posted a piece of her letter on the Missionary Momma's facebook page:

11:50am Aug 25
Here's my update from Hermana Fletcher in the east, Los Frailes. 

"So, it´s pouring buckets here! We haven´t had power all day and have just been hiding in our house. Stormiest week I´ve ever seen! Started on Wednesday. We left with clear skies for the morning. We didn´t have any appointments, so were searching for ward members to get to know them and ask for references. We were kinda far out and it started to drizzle, so we stood under this tree to figure out where to go next. The rain got worse, so we decided we´d just wait it out a little (Hna. Ho forgot her umbrella and mine is halfway broken) didn´t start to clear up! This random car drives by, then backs up and the guy asks us if we´re headed anywhere specific so he could take us. Dominicans are so nice! Too bad we´re not allowed in the car. A few minutes later this teenage kid runs over to us from where he was hiding out under some construction stuff. He offered us umbrellas or plastic bags to cover our stuff so we could keep working! We finally decided to risk it and start making our way towards home and talk to whoever we passed, but nobody could hear us at their doors over the rain! uh, ineffective morning! Then, as we get closer home, all the streets were completely flooded! We had to wade through mucky trashy water on pothole filled streets up to our ankles in the highest sections all the way home! My goodness, it was crazy! Finally got home for lunch, only to find that our bedroom had flooded! Plus, the windows were left open so my whole desk was soaked! Seriously, crazy! Our bedroom has now flooded three times since we got here! We´ve since unclogged the drain in the back and stuffed a towel under the door but the rain has not hardly stopped since Wednesday. Today and yesterday there´s been a lot of lightning and stuff too. Rainy season...has arrived!"

I Need Thee Every Hour

Hola familia!

So, this week has been crazy! It's been raining so much and all, but it's nice to get in the water. Oh, and I found my bag is water RESISTANT, not water proof. hahaha, but it's awesome. 

Sorry, a lot of my here life is in the email to Alliyah, so you can take a look at that. But, to answer your concerns dad, yes, I have a water purifier bottle they gave us. I don't use it cause we get our water from this one place, bottled up. But I will start if it comforts you. We wash our food that we need to wash and cook what we need to cook. The girls I live with have been out for 1 year, 14 months, and one is gonna leave next transfer, so they know the ways around. Exercise ... at 6:30am ... yeah, all I got energy for is stretching and crunches, but the rest of the day we are walking around on our feet. Our mission is supposedly one of the biggest walking missions, so ... I think I'll be ok. Any suggestions for back strengthening exercises though? 

Families: I'm glad you guys talked about that. It's so hard to explain it here cause a lot of people we teach are kids who desire of their own will to learn. parents are out working or doing who knows what. It's expensive to get married, and more expensive to get divorced, so people just live together for the rest if tgeur lives but aren't actually married. A lot of people here have spouses who will have kids with them, then leave. Some guys have kids with a few different women. It's really sad, and it's hard to watch the women struggle. I can't tell you how grateful  I am that we are an eternal family. Here, I appreciate so much more. 

My companion and I are having a hard time whitewashing, but I feel bad because most of the time, I just sit in lessons because I don't know what to say cause I don't know what others are saying.  But I love her. Like I said in my other email, she is very patient and very organized. She's very quiet, so starting conversations with others in Spanish is a little rough for the both of us, as well as contacting people, but we are both improving and wanting to. 

Anyway familia, that's about all for this week! Thankyou for your letters and love and package! Keep looking for people who you think are preparing to hear the gospel or who are ready. There's more than you think, I think. Love you all! Oh, and read Preach my gospel! It's amazing!!! I love it!! Oh, and a request: please help the missionaries. Be friends with them, help them. Here, the people are so nice and kind toward me and want to help me with my spanish. They also are trying their best to find references for us and it helps a lot, physically, mentally, spiritually, and definitely emotionally. So please look out for those missionaries in our ward! Thanks!


Hermana Ho

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Letter from President Corbitt

President Corbitt, Hermana Fletcher, Hermana Ho, Sister Corbitt

Hermana Ho's new companion (and trainer), Sister Fletcher

We received the above letter from Kamalei's mission President.  Here is what it says, 

"Dear Ho Family,

For me, it is a great pleasure to inform you that your daughter, Sister Alexandria Ho arrived at the mission home safe and sound and ready to start her mission.  We want to thank you for having sent her to serve in this marvelous work.  Her own life and that of her family will be greatly blessed. 

Your daughter will have very special experiences in this year in a half of service.  The people of this country are very kind and have the desire to know the truth.  We are sure that with your support and love, and the guidance she will receive here in the mission, Sister Ho will obtain success. 

We are at your service to respond to any inquiry that you may have with respect to your Daughter or her mission.  We expect her to communicate with you each week via letter or e-mail.  She will also communicate with you personally by telephone on Christmas and Mother’s Day. 

Sister Ho will receive all of our love and care.  Without any doubt, she will be a blessing in the lives of the many people she will bring to the light and the truth. 

May you receive blessings in abundance from the Lord. 


President Ahmad Corbitt
Dominican Republic 
Santo Domingo East Mission."

Monday, August 18, 2014

Not sure if you guys got this picture, but this is the Sunday before all of us left.  Meet  my friends!  There's 4 of us polys.  Can you find us?  and a lot of people from all over.  One day I'll let you know what their names are :)

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

Hola mí familia!! 

I'm glad to know that you have been safe and that all is well! Like, no joke. And ok, Hawaii doesn't know humid. omygosh, i wake up in the middle of the night sweating and I only have a sheet to sleep with!! hahaha, jk, jk i wish i could've been there with you guys to enjoy the fun :) AND AMMON?! HAS A FACEBOOK?! AND DID THE ICE CHALLENGE AND POSTED IT?!?!  hahaha that's so awesome though! I'm happy :) Tell him to add me as a friend!! :D And alliyah! That's awesome :) I'm so happy for her! And what ive learned on my mission so far is to not compare yourself to anyone. Yeah, there's always gonna be those popular people or smart people, or overly talented ones, but don't compare yourself to them. compare yourself to yourself. Are you a better person this week than you were last week? It's hard to not compare yourself to others, but it helps. And hey, you do what you can and the Lord will do the rest!

Alright, you ready for my week? so much has happened!
So, On Tuesday, we had an early start. Woke up at 4:45 and got ready, left the CCM at 6:30 and went to the mission house and met President and Hermana Corbit. They. Are. Amazing! I love president and he's great! His daughter in law is someone that I might know too! She's from Hawaii (idk where) and Im am90% sure that ive met her and her husband before. anyway, orientation was, then I got my new companion! Her name is Hermana Fletcher and she is super super quiet, but sweet. She's from Utah and has been out for 1 year. I love her! We then drove to our house. Oh, you guys are gonna love this!

As we were driving, the place is so ... filthy. There's really no nice way to put it. People learned from kid days that when you have trash, you just through it outside the house or in the street. There's literally no fresh air, it stinks or smells weird. But on the bright side, it's easier to pick out the good smells, like the pico pollo (fried chicken) or fresh pan (bread). Flies and mosquitos thrive here and ive been eaten alive this whole week! I'm surprised I still have blood in my system. Ok, So our house is the second story of someone elses. Electricity only comes on at certain times and thats when we can do our laundry, use the microwave, and have fans. The windows are all open, but it's sooooo humid that it's basically pointless to shower lol. oh, and the shower is just a hose in the wall, but the water is nice and cool! So that's awesome! The worse part is the drain ... it's literally a big black hole. so the game in the shower is to not stand over the big black hole ... you don't know what´s in it. And the best part is that we have bucket flushes!! So you use the bathroom, throw away the toilet paper (you can't flush it) and then throw water down as fast as you can and hope everything goes down. It's fun and I think I got the tecnique down lol. But some ares here don't have toilet seats, so at least we have that. Another area i heard doesn't have much water, so the hermanas there haven't showered for 2 weeks ... so I'm very grateful for my bathroom. VERY grateful. 

The people here are amazing! Truly, they are. Everyone is so sweet and so understanding that I don't know spanish. And thanks for the advice dad. We are trying to meet everyone in the ward and get to know them. Oh, by the way, we are white'washing. So me and my companion are both new to the area. it's called Los Frailes, but my comp said that she heard that this place is a very humble place. So we'll see how that goes. Oh and everyone just dresses any kine here ... it's a no shame country, which is fine with me, but idk if i can teach someone in a towel ... (it's happened to one of the hermanas before). 

Can't say I'm having the time of my life. This email title describes my feelings. Literally. haha, sometimes, I'm so high that I'm like Let's go go go!!!! Then there's times when I'm just like ... what the heck am I doing here?! I could be doing this this and this...!! Especially since me and my comp both don't know anyone here, it's rough. The people here are always willing to let us in and talk to us though. it's who they are. They don't refuse the word of God. The hard part is knowing who actually wants to know more. What's worse is that i don't understand much of what anyone is saying. Seriously. Like, there's spanish and my latino friends in Utah speak nice and clear. Then there's dominican spanish! Holy cow, they speak so fast! It's ridiculous! It's like that scene in "The Best Two Years" where he's like "Elder, what language was she speaking?" "That's dutch." and he's like "That's not what they taught me in the MTC!" Hahaha well, I just gotta get used to it. My comp is super helpful. I can't understand much, but I told her that I'm more than willing to teach if she just gives me a heads up on what to teach. Then I can say it. But not necessarily clearly or correctly, but i'm willing to teach. hahaha There's sooooooo much work to do on my spanish lol but I think the Lord is teaching me a hard core lesson on patience. Hard core. But, esta bien. it'll come. Who the Lord calls, He qualifies. 

The ward here is very humble and willing to help. The converts here who stay in the church are sooo committed. This one guy, Johan, has been a member for about 8 months and is so involved in church activities and with the missionaries. There's Antonio, a cute 80 year old man, who was a recent convert too and when we went to go teach him, he pulled out his gospel principles book and taught us instead! When he was done, he was like "Is there anything you want to add?" He's super intelligent in the  gospel ... at least, I think. idk i can't understand that well. There's a lot of kids who want to learn the gospel to. or maybe just like having us over. idk. but one girl, Kiara, is the only one in her home that we are teaching and she keeps progressing and asks questions. She's amazing!

Well folks, that's about all. Thank you for the prayers and love! I seriously miss you guys, but sorry, I'm committed to this work and don't plan on coming home until 2016 or so. Yeah, it's hard, and Sometimes I think wow, I have 16 months left and then theres times where I'm like I only have 16 months left? Nooo!!

All the advice I have is to count your blessings and be patient. All will happen in the Lord's own time. Love you all! Keep working hard in all you do! And talk to you next week!

Love and Aloha, 
Hermana Ho

P.S. I got proposed to. by a 80 year old man. didn´t understand him, and my comp told me what he said later. He's like, do you have husbands and we said no and then he looked at me and said, Vamos! meaning, then let's go. Didn't know that, but it's a good thing I said no anyway haha

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Some pics

Dear Young Women,

Dear Young Women,
I got all of your emails... THANK YOU!  I love you and miss you!  I wish I could star trip Alliyah, too!  

The food here is a lot of rice (so that's nice!!), beans, and meat.  It's so awesome!  I love it!  We pour our beans on the rice and mix it all together...ohmygosh it's the best!  Needless to say, the elders... have adventures in the bathroom.  One of the elders in my district doesn't eat beans anymore.  lol.

The weather here is so humid and gross.  It's worse than Hawaii.  You literally drip in sweat.

But the people make the weather worth it.  They are so nice and loving... probably more than the polynesian cultures cause when we go contacting, they politely stand there and look at you and listen to you.  They even correct your grammar, if it's wrong.  They are very humble here.  The circumstances are very humble, too.

Love you all and take care!  Stay strong!  Love each other, love your families, love the Lord.  Miss you all and take care!

Hermana Ho

Oh, and...don't complain about your house. please. Or the fact that you share a room with someone. Here, my room back home is about the size of some family's house. and that's stacked on top of 3 other homes. and without a fan. in this weather. 

If Life Were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard

You have no idea how many times that phrase has been running through my head this week. I'll explain why in a bit. 

This is my last email that will come from the MTC. I leave next Tuesday for the field, and then my next email will be ... not next monday but the next one. And it will be coming from the field. 

Thanks for taking the challenge! I love it! i love hearing about your stories. And i'll be praying for you guys and the hurricanes but I'm glad you're prepared. The elders here get super excited whenever it pours ... and they want a hurricane to happen ... they are crazy! And they said "it would be a great service opp too!" ... I can only just shake my head at them. 

Nothing too exciting has happened in the past week except for the fact that we got to go on splits with some of the missionaries in the field last Friday! no biggie ... just flippin fast spanish ... no biggie. hahaha Nah, it was a great experience. My companion that I was paired up with was amazing! She's been out for 11 months and just shares the gospel literally with anyone. We got in a van and managed to fit 20 people in it (aunty Helen wasn't even kidding about that story) and she just started talking to people. Within the first 30 minutes of walking, I tore up my heels and was just praying they wouldn't get infected. But in the first lesson, we taught a guy named Domingo and it was his first lesson.  My comp, Hermana Hernandez, asked me to share my testimony and I did ... and somehow, it came out smoothly without me stuttering or looking for words as I normally would. But that doesn't mean I understood anyone, cause I didn't. But my comp was amazing and I want so bad to be like her! Lucky for me, she spoke a little english, so esta bien. I was blessed. We were out for about 7 hours on splits and within those hours, I saw the DR! It was awesome. The living conditions are really sad, and sitting in homes was sooooo hot, but they are a humble people. And my comp was just cool with everyone! Within those 7 hours, we (well, she, taught, I bore my testimony most of the time) taught about restoration, read the BOM, talked about the plan of salvation, contacted to everyone we met ... oh, and I taught the law of chastity to someone. Yups, I had it all hahaha! But it makes me so excited for next week!

Idk what it is, but this week hit me hard with language... what bothers me most about the language is that I can't understand people. I can pick out words here and there, but I get the message differently than what that person is trying to tell me. So idk what it is, if it's the fact that this time next week, english may be non-existent, or if I just can't remember and recall grammar and vocab, but the language is so frustrating. There might've been a few tears shed ... not gonna lie. But one of my teachers, Hermano Martinez, gave me a pep talk and you know what, it's gonna be ok. All I really can give these people, besides the gospel, is my testimony ... and luckily I know how to do that! 

Anyway, that's pretty much all for this week. I've been trying to turn out. It was super hard this week, but I'm trying. There's really nothing physically that I can do for others here in the CCM but talk to people and encourage them, so I'm trying to. I feel bad though cuz one sister went home unexpectedly this morning ... and I have no idea why. And she was the bomb! It's nothing moral, I don't think, but I should've known something was up ... I mean, it's kinda my "assignment," plus we were friends. But she's supposedly coming back in January, so that'll be good.

Well, guys, that's it for now! Pray that i get a good trainer hahaha but seriously ... at least one that speaks English would be nice. Anyway, love you all! And tell everyone again that I'm sorry if I don't email back right away!

Love you guys! Good luck in school and work! and don't forget to pray about everything and anything. My testimony of prayer has definitely grown stronger this past week. Pray, pray, pray! Love you!

Hermana Ho

P.S. all the latinos say my name in a cool way ... it's what it sounds like, and fast, but when they get to the "Ho," it's like the go ... up a note? like in a song? idk how to explain it, I'll just have to say it to you guys. but I like the way they say my name. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hola familia!

I'm so glad to hear from you guys! I hope you got the pics. I really do. But I'm so good! So happy! Mom, to answer your question... keep using mormon lingo. and honestly, what people have been emphasizing when teaching is finding out needs with our investigators. Everyone needs something different. Some need to here about eternal families first, others need to hear about the restoration, others need to hear about prayer. Is her husband active? cause that's so awesome he's a member! She'd be an awesome member! Find out what she needs and what she needs to hear first. With me and Hermana Fife, when we meet our "investigators" (granted it's practice, but still), we go in with full lesson plans, but sometimes we need to change it up after we find out about their family or their W.o.w probs or their religion. It changes. But from what you're telling me, I think she's ready to hear something. Thanks for sending me that stuff too! I appreciate it!

Dad, thanks for the phrases! My district will love it ... you'd laugh if you heard all us speak pidgin. 

Okay, here's some of the stuff that took place:

We went contacting at the university last Friday and me and hermana Fife had amazing experiences. I'll begin by saying we passed out both our BOMs to people within 25 minutes! the first woman we talked to accepted our message and both of us felt prompted to give a BOM to her. So we did and she (translated to me by my comp) was grateful. But the next lady, literally, that we talked to was my contact. I started talking to her about the Restoration (we hand out pamphlets on that when we go contacting) and she stopped me half way and asked if i knew God. I told her I did. She said that a lot of people come around there teaching about God from other churches, but they don't know GOd. In the middle of the university, on a sidewalk, who knew the spirit could be so strong?! It got to the point where me and Hermana Fife bore our testimony to her. We read Moroni 10:4-5 with her and I got to give her a BOM. my first one! The spirit was so strong and she said she would ask and would read. Idk what's happened to her now, but the spirit was so strong that me and Hermana Fife wanted to cry. Seriously. In the middle of the university. We talked to a lot of other people that day and only one other person (we felt) was super into our message. She even pulled out her bible when we talked of James 1:5. Contacting was a great experience :)

also, on Sunday, I was feeling really down. We have to prep a talk in spanish just in case we get called on in sacrament meeting ... and I wasn't able to write what I wanted to say or think of things to say. So I was feeling down. But in sacrament meeting, my friend/sister, Hermana Geraldo (we got super close. She's from the DR, speaks no english, but somehow within these two weeks, we became sisters.), got up to speak. I've never been able to understand more than half of what she says. But that day, for some reason, they passed out headphones for some people who wanted and talks would be translated into english ... so that day, I understood everything she said and i felt as though that talk was just for me. Yups, i pretty much cried through the whole thing, mostly cause I could understand her and just how amazing she is. 

let's see ...  oh, the latinos and puerto rican missionaries left this week ... Some of them have only stayed for 2 weeks (the latinos) the rest for 4. But we had all grown super close. I mean, the mtc is only so big here ... but one elder, who I'd grown tight with (he only speaks spanish, i only speak english, so we made fun of each other and how we talked the other language) told me, and it really touched me to the point I started bawling, that we'll see each other after the mission, if not in this life, in the next. And I realized that a lot of these people i'm never gonna see again til the next life. Sad, but true. But I have that faith that I'll see them again. 

Life here is rough. It's got so many ups and downs. I'm surprised there's no roller coaster ride called "the MTC." okay, that was a lame joke, but it's so true. Language is hard. It stresses everyone out. but I realize now how hard english is for other people. Yet the spirit is so strong. I see it everyday in so many people. i'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve. And fyi, in paddling, they always said even though you have a seat in the boat, don't get comfortable. It applies here. and God knows. Every time I get comfortable and think I got it down, like how to teach or how to speak, BAM! knocked down on my knees all over again. Like I said in my other emails ... I've been humbled more than I could've ever thought possible. Which is good. Idk if I like it a lot, but it's a good lesson to learn. 

Oh, btws, Me and hermana fife got called to be the missionary training leaders for the sisters. We just gotta look for their needs (i say that as if its easy ... it's so not. and i'm nervous and scared about it, especially since we got about 15 new sisters just the other day and like 30 new elders ... yeah we're like 10 over capacity here in our little CCM). Yeah ... that reminds me ...

Thanks guys for everything! And I have a challenge for you all: turn outwards. 

We listened to a devotional by elder Bednar for us (it was a christmas devotional in the mtc 2 years ago or so) and he talked about how, when life gets rough, we all oblige (is that the right word) to the natural man and think of ourselves. oh, this happened to me, why are they doing this to me, yadayada. But he challenged us to turn not in, but out. Look to others. look for their needs. he told a story of how a lady called him one day about 3 girls in a fatal car accident and she was arranging for him what needed to be done. Turns out in the same moment, she found that her daughter was in that accident and had died, yet she still made sure the other girls were taken care of. Then, on the day of her daughter's funeral, a lady calls her (cause she was the relief society president) and complained about being sick and no one had brought food to her yet. So on her way to HER DAUGTHER'S FUNERAL, she stops by to give the lady some food. That's only one example of turning out. Then there's Christ and how he turned out, even while he was still hanging on the cross; he thought of his mother and then preached to the other people being crucified. 

Entonces (so/therefore), my challenge to you guys for the next week is to turn outwards. I know the going gets rough sometimes, but try to turn out to others instead of in. Look for their needs. and then tell me about it in my next email :)

I love you guys! Thanks for the opportunity to serve a mission! Love you all!


Hermana Ho

My District - Week #1

Heading to Puerto Rico

Me with the Haitian sisters

The Dominican Republic Temple

Me & Hermana Fife (from Alaska)

All of the Polynesians at the DR CCM

Me and hermana geraldo. i could hardly understand half of what she said, but she's one of my sisters from another mister. I miss her a lot too (wasn't my companion, but we got super close, even with the language barrier)

Me and some of the crazy dominican elders hahaha they were good fun 

Our classroom

Me & my companion (Hawaii & Alaska)

My District