Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kamalei's companion

Hermana Fletcher is Kamalei's companion and her mom posted a piece of her letter on the Missionary Momma's facebook page:

11:50am Aug 25
Here's my update from Hermana Fletcher in the east, Los Frailes. 

"So, it´s pouring buckets here! We haven´t had power all day and have just been hiding in our house. Stormiest week I´ve ever seen! Started on Wednesday. We left with clear skies for the morning. We didn´t have any appointments, so were searching for ward members to get to know them and ask for references. We were kinda far out and it started to drizzle, so we stood under this tree to figure out where to go next. The rain got worse, so we decided we´d just wait it out a little (Hna. Ho forgot her umbrella and mine is halfway broken) didn´t start to clear up! This random car drives by, then backs up and the guy asks us if we´re headed anywhere specific so he could take us. Dominicans are so nice! Too bad we´re not allowed in the car. A few minutes later this teenage kid runs over to us from where he was hiding out under some construction stuff. He offered us umbrellas or plastic bags to cover our stuff so we could keep working! We finally decided to risk it and start making our way towards home and talk to whoever we passed, but nobody could hear us at their doors over the rain! uh, ineffective morning! Then, as we get closer home, all the streets were completely flooded! We had to wade through mucky trashy water on pothole filled streets up to our ankles in the highest sections all the way home! My goodness, it was crazy! Finally got home for lunch, only to find that our bedroom had flooded! Plus, the windows were left open so my whole desk was soaked! Seriously, crazy! Our bedroom has now flooded three times since we got here! We´ve since unclogged the drain in the back and stuffed a towel under the door but the rain has not hardly stopped since Wednesday. Today and yesterday there´s been a lot of lightning and stuff too. Rainy season...has arrived!"

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