Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Thursday, August 7, 2014

If Life Were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard

You have no idea how many times that phrase has been running through my head this week. I'll explain why in a bit. 

This is my last email that will come from the MTC. I leave next Tuesday for the field, and then my next email will be ... not next monday but the next one. And it will be coming from the field. 

Thanks for taking the challenge! I love it! i love hearing about your stories. And i'll be praying for you guys and the hurricanes but I'm glad you're prepared. The elders here get super excited whenever it pours ... and they want a hurricane to happen ... they are crazy! And they said "it would be a great service opp too!" ... I can only just shake my head at them. 

Nothing too exciting has happened in the past week except for the fact that we got to go on splits with some of the missionaries in the field last Friday! no biggie ... just flippin fast spanish ... no biggie. hahaha Nah, it was a great experience. My companion that I was paired up with was amazing! She's been out for 11 months and just shares the gospel literally with anyone. We got in a van and managed to fit 20 people in it (aunty Helen wasn't even kidding about that story) and she just started talking to people. Within the first 30 minutes of walking, I tore up my heels and was just praying they wouldn't get infected. But in the first lesson, we taught a guy named Domingo and it was his first lesson.  My comp, Hermana Hernandez, asked me to share my testimony and I did ... and somehow, it came out smoothly without me stuttering or looking for words as I normally would. But that doesn't mean I understood anyone, cause I didn't. But my comp was amazing and I want so bad to be like her! Lucky for me, she spoke a little english, so esta bien. I was blessed. We were out for about 7 hours on splits and within those hours, I saw the DR! It was awesome. The living conditions are really sad, and sitting in homes was sooooo hot, but they are a humble people. And my comp was just cool with everyone! Within those 7 hours, we (well, she, taught, I bore my testimony most of the time) taught about restoration, read the BOM, talked about the plan of salvation, contacted to everyone we met ... oh, and I taught the law of chastity to someone. Yups, I had it all hahaha! But it makes me so excited for next week!

Idk what it is, but this week hit me hard with language... what bothers me most about the language is that I can't understand people. I can pick out words here and there, but I get the message differently than what that person is trying to tell me. So idk what it is, if it's the fact that this time next week, english may be non-existent, or if I just can't remember and recall grammar and vocab, but the language is so frustrating. There might've been a few tears shed ... not gonna lie. But one of my teachers, Hermano Martinez, gave me a pep talk and you know what, it's gonna be ok. All I really can give these people, besides the gospel, is my testimony ... and luckily I know how to do that! 

Anyway, that's pretty much all for this week. I've been trying to turn out. It was super hard this week, but I'm trying. There's really nothing physically that I can do for others here in the CCM but talk to people and encourage them, so I'm trying to. I feel bad though cuz one sister went home unexpectedly this morning ... and I have no idea why. And she was the bomb! It's nothing moral, I don't think, but I should've known something was up ... I mean, it's kinda my "assignment," plus we were friends. But she's supposedly coming back in January, so that'll be good.

Well, guys, that's it for now! Pray that i get a good trainer hahaha but seriously ... at least one that speaks English would be nice. Anyway, love you all! And tell everyone again that I'm sorry if I don't email back right away!

Love you guys! Good luck in school and work! and don't forget to pray about everything and anything. My testimony of prayer has definitely grown stronger this past week. Pray, pray, pray! Love you!

Hermana Ho

P.S. all the latinos say my name in a cool way ... it's what it sounds like, and fast, but when they get to the "Ho," it's like the go ... up a note? like in a song? idk how to explain it, I'll just have to say it to you guys. but I like the way they say my name. 

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