Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Need Thee Every Hour

Hola familia!

So, this week has been crazy! It's been raining so much and all, but it's nice to get in the water. Oh, and I found my bag is water RESISTANT, not water proof. hahaha, but it's awesome. 

Sorry, a lot of my here life is in the email to Alliyah, so you can take a look at that. But, to answer your concerns dad, yes, I have a water purifier bottle they gave us. I don't use it cause we get our water from this one place, bottled up. But I will start if it comforts you. We wash our food that we need to wash and cook what we need to cook. The girls I live with have been out for 1 year, 14 months, and one is gonna leave next transfer, so they know the ways around. Exercise ... at 6:30am ... yeah, all I got energy for is stretching and crunches, but the rest of the day we are walking around on our feet. Our mission is supposedly one of the biggest walking missions, so ... I think I'll be ok. Any suggestions for back strengthening exercises though? 

Families: I'm glad you guys talked about that. It's so hard to explain it here cause a lot of people we teach are kids who desire of their own will to learn. parents are out working or doing who knows what. It's expensive to get married, and more expensive to get divorced, so people just live together for the rest if tgeur lives but aren't actually married. A lot of people here have spouses who will have kids with them, then leave. Some guys have kids with a few different women. It's really sad, and it's hard to watch the women struggle. I can't tell you how grateful  I am that we are an eternal family. Here, I appreciate so much more. 

My companion and I are having a hard time whitewashing, but I feel bad because most of the time, I just sit in lessons because I don't know what to say cause I don't know what others are saying.  But I love her. Like I said in my other email, she is very patient and very organized. She's very quiet, so starting conversations with others in Spanish is a little rough for the both of us, as well as contacting people, but we are both improving and wanting to. 

Anyway familia, that's about all for this week! Thankyou for your letters and love and package! Keep looking for people who you think are preparing to hear the gospel or who are ready. There's more than you think, I think. Love you all! Oh, and read Preach my gospel! It's amazing!!! I love it!! Oh, and a request: please help the missionaries. Be friends with them, help them. Here, the people are so nice and kind toward me and want to help me with my spanish. They also are trying their best to find references for us and it helps a lot, physically, mentally, spiritually, and definitely emotionally. So please look out for those missionaries in our ward! Thanks!


Hermana Ho

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