Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, July 6, 2015

Just Spread a Little Bit of Aloha!

HEY!! Thank you so much for the packages!! Dad, you said to tell every one thanks for taking care of me. So I told President Corbitt, my mission president, and he made me promise to tell you this: "You're welcome. It's easy." ... So i think I'm not a burden hahahaha He really is a great man. He has a lot of christlike attributes and I hope that one day you have the opportunity to meet him or at least hear him speak in a devotional or something. Alliyah! Congrats on your soccer games and even though you didn't get to go with them to playoffs, I know that the Lord is happy with the decision that you have made. It was on sunday I'm guessing? I know and can now testify that keeping the Sabbath day holy brings many blessings, some of which you might see in this week, some of which you might see in the future :) I've seen many in my own life and I can testify that a soccer game doesn't compare to these blessings. 

As for the new law, it's interesting. All 50 states has legalized gay marriage. It has definitely provided more opposition for the church. But one thing that President Corbitt has told us (because we are also seeing more problems in the mission) is that when we are going in the right direction, the opposition grows. When we are doing something good, the adversary works hard to work against it. But it goes to show, like mom said, that we are growing stronger. I know that if we keep studying the scriptures, going to church, praying, and magnifying our callings, the Lord's work will protect us from the adversary in our homes. 

Here in the DR, my comp and I have been working hard to find families. It hasn't been easy. We've walked a lot and sometimes we have little success. But something that I've learned in the mission is that after we put in our part and do all we can, the Lord does his part. We were able to find a family who has received the missionaries before and almost got baptized before they stopped coming the church. We don't know what happened, but we just happened to find them after contacting for a while. We'll see how it goes with them.  After walking for 2 hours straight, having all of our appointments fall through, we found a less active family who we believe has just been waiting to be found. We're hoping that we can reactivate them again. It's a mom, dad, and 3 older sons. We're working hard and trying to find families. 

Something that I discovered this past week was the importance of members fulfilling their callings. My comp and I have talked a lot about it and what we want to be in our own wards in the future. Thank you for fulfilling your callings. I know that sometimes it's hard to take out time because we are going to school, we have families, we have jobs. But for those of you who put the Lord and his work first, I know that He will bless you in all you do. Being a member doesn't mean "only on Sundays," but living it every day and helping others to be members 24/7. I know it's hard. But I have seen how the Lord blesses those who fulfill their calling and who do their part in the missionary work and the blessings are not few :)

Thank you all for your love, prayers, emails, and support, not only for me, but also for all the missionaries.  Please help them in the missionary work in every moment that you have! Love you all and take care!

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

thanks for the goodies!!!

Krispy Kremes for my year mark  :D

this is as close to the water as we can get hahaha

me and the office elders 

me and my old district from Hato Mayor with our old district leader. His calling has been changed to Salt Lake City Utah so he's leaving in about a week to finish his mission there. 

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