Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, July 20, 2015

Have a delightful day :D

So, this past week ... was crazy. and hard. and tiring. We've been on our feet more than in a seat haha and for the first time in a long time, my legs hurt. It's a contacting area! man, it's super hard, and I met my first atheist. And this is my first area where people didn't just let us into our house. It's super different. And I'm finding that it's a big test of how much I've learned in the mission and that the Lord is seeing how I deal with certain situations. But the ward is wonderful and they actually feed us! We are only allowed to eat with members on fridays, saturdays, and sundays and FHE's, but in this area, every weekend is full of lunch appointments with members! It's great! The ward is great and the members too. I have yet to see if they work with us, but I'm pretty sure they are open to that. 

Just a small thing I learned this week. I studied a talk from Elder Nelson called "The Sabbath a Delight" or something like that. Mom, for your lesson, I was studying about it a little and I forgot my notes at home, so I'll try and tell you what I can from memory. Basically, I realized that first, we need to overcome the natural man, even on sundays. Sometimes we need to sacrfice some things that we like to do, that aren't necessarily against the sabbath day, but aren't exactly the most spiritually edifying. For example, watching nonchurch movies, or listening to nonchurch music. It's not bad, but there's better. Even when it's 7pm and there's nothing to do and you want to watch a movie. (I know mom, I have a lot of repenting to do lol). But elder nelson offered us a solution: spend time with the family. The first two great commandments are to love god above all and love your neighbor. When we follow the teachings of God, when we listen to the voice of the prophets, everything falls into place, even things with the family. Following the voices of the prophets, we hear always that we need to spend time with the family and strengthen the family. And one of the ways we can have a more delightful sunday is to spend time with them, instead of watching that movie at 7pm or listening to music in the afternoon. And so, while following the words of Elder Nelson, we are having a more delightful sunday by spending time with our family, and showing our love not only to them. As we express our love toward our families, we are expressing our love also to our Heavenly Father. And He too will be delighted. (not sure if that made sense, but it's best if you read the talk too lol).

Anyway, thank you all for your love and support! Love you all and take care!!
Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

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