Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Time!

Hey thanks for the emails and the updates on what's going on! Wow! So conference was really good! I loved it so much! It was the highlight of the week :) And I really liked the testimonies of the 3 new apostles. I'm pretty sure we've seen them talk in conference before, right? But yeah, President Monson was so good and I'm so grateful he was able to stand before us to speak today. One of the elders commented that one time, he was supposed to go and have an important meeting with President Obama, but instead, he sent his 2 counselors to meet with him. President Obama them were wondering why President Monson didn't go, and he said that he was saving up his energy to speak in conference. I heard that from an elder, idk if it's true. and I think it was for last conference. But it was so good! Some of the talks that I liked were the ones about the roles and influences that women have on others (elder Hales?), the one about mothers (elder Holland), and Elder Bednar's talk. And also the Japanese guy. Those were the ones that stuck out to me most. 

Anyway, this week we have been focusing on trying to get people to conference. We've invited everyone that we've come in contact with, in every lesson we invited people, we even passed by everyone's house that we knew of to walk with them to the chapel or to set it up on their computers. And guess how many people came?! Zero! It was kinda disappointing ... After all, people had told us they'd come at this time or at this time (even more so because it wasn't so early in the morning!) ... and no one came. It wasn't so disappointing as much as sad. It was just sad. But on Sunday night, we went to visit a family that we are teaching. they are the Familia Jimenez and have been investigators for a long time and their oldest son is on a mission. And when we shared about the conference with them, the husband got up, looked for his computer, sat down, and looked up the session. Then, one of his other sons walks in (he's never been in a lesson with us) and I invited him to join us. And he did! willingly! No excuses or anything! And he was recalling memories of the church or experiences they had, for example, the hymnbook that they had in the house that he put stickers on or the elders and sisters that visited them. He even set up the general conference on their sound system so they could listen to it. We hadn't really planned what to teach them (all our appointments fell and this family came to our head), so when the husband and wife were excited to watch the conference and hear the prophet speak, we were down! And it was really good. We weren't able to watch everything with them, but we got them started and then left. So, goes to show that every effort to invite people to watch conference isn't wasted. The Lord has a funny way of seeing if we endure to the end. When, after all we can do and after all we've done, we'll still push forward because in the end, it's all worth it. And this family made our efforts worth it.

As for Mireya, we tried to help her set up conference on her computer, but didn't work out. But she's doing great! Saohny is also preparing to be baptized and is doing good too. The work is pushing forward. And , just so you guys know, transfers are here! I'm staying in my area, and my sister, Hermana Maltos is leaving. I know, it's sad ... but the Lord has other plans for us ... It might be a crazy transfer. I'm going to stay as a sister training Leader and my new companion will be Hermana Anderson, who was trained by Hermana maltos! She's super sweet and I'm stoked to be with her! She will be a new sister training leader with me, and, instead of 4 sisters only in our house, we will have 6!! Yes, it's gonna be crazy, but it's gonna be fun hahaha I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store this transfer. 

thank you all for your love and support! I hope that you were all able to learn something new, and are able to apply it into your life. If not, I invite you all to look up a talk from conference, one that interests you and to follow the voice of the lord through his general authorities. I know that when we listen and follow their voices, the Lord not only blesses us, but strengthens us and those around us. Love you all and have a great week!

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

Cifrida's baptism! This is us and her, and her family...

 and us four missionaries (we were in the stake choir and sang at this special event. We also we asked to sing an extra song that we didkn't know we were going to sing ... they just announced it ... mom, you know how that is hahahaha).

Me and my comp

Us eating in a chinese restaurant

And our zone

Our last zone meeting. Us and our house. Hermana Jensen (the american) leaves to go home tomorrow. She finishes her mission. And Hermana Maltos leaves to go to the country side of our mission!!

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