Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, September 28, 2015

Oh oh oh it’s magic! You know, can you believe it’s not so!

This week has been great! Well, for me. My poor sister was super sick for a couple of days and weak, so we were forced to stay in the house for a little while ;) but she recuperated in time for Cifrida's baptism!!! The Noche Blanca, or White Baptism Night was a success!! We had a lot of non members come and a lot of the talks were focused on them. It was a very spiritually uplifting experience for those who were there. Wish you guys could've seen it!! It was like magic, because we didn't know if the other missionaries would invite nonmembers ... but they did and there were many!! And Cifrida is just a fireball hahaha she has a strong desire to share the gospel with everyone!! The only problem we have no is that she wasn't confirmed on Sunday ... she arrived a little late, and idk if the bishopric forgot or if they decided what to do later, but she will be confirmed later. Bishop wants to do it in a sacrament meeting ... which means in 2 weeks. But after two weeks of not being confirmed, I think they have to be baptized again, right? idk.... we'll see what's going to happen. 

But, as for Sahony, she's doing good! We have an FHE with her and the family tonight and are going to watch the restoration. We are hoping to strengthen her testimony before her baptism which will now be in October I believe. We'll see :D And dear sweet Mireya is just as awesome as ever! this past week, we asked her to not drink coffee all day on wednesday ... and she didn't drink a drop!! We were so happy!! She's willing to keep going, so we are slowly going to help her stop drinking coffee, day by day, with lots of prayers and patience. Btws, thanks for the prayers for her. I know it was hard for her, but with the extra prayers, I testify that she was able to do it! As for the Guzman family, we were going to take them to the temple, but the mom ended up getting really sick (the flu is going around here, i think; fever, headaches, feeling weak and tired, hurting body ... yeah, my comp had it all, plus another sister that lives with us) so we ended up not going. And for the record, there is no visitor center here. But there are beautiful gardens and it's amazing that, even without the visitor's center, how strong the spirit is in only the gardens :) One of their sons came to church this week (the other was sick) and he's doing great :D Being a great example for his family. 

So just thought that I would share, but yesterday, a couple gave talks in sacrament meeting. The wife spoke about how, even though there are a lot of bad things happening in the world today, we need to remember to look at all the good things that are happening. The majority of the time, the good outweighs the bad, but sometimes we focus too much on the bad instead of the good. Her husband then talked about being amazed. For example, little children are amazed at the smallest things in life: the strength a father has to break in half a cookie, the skills a mom has to decorate a cake. The first time someone hears the story of Joseph Smith, how do they feel? Amazed! When we truly come to understand the Atonement for the first time, how do we feel? Amazed! but as time goes on, sometimes it doesn't seem so amazing because we hear about it all the time. Sometimes we forget to put these things that used to amaze us as a priority in our lives. So, this man who spoke invited us remember to be amazed. "Amazed at the grace that so fully he offers me," to "stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me." Be amazed this week! There are so many amazing thingsthat go on around us that sometimes we ignore or don't try to think about. But we need to remember that God didn't make us so that we could be sad or unhappy. Rather, He created us, in His own image, so that we might have joy, happiness, peace, and love, in this life and in the life to come. And I testify of these things, that they are true. 

So, this week, all I ask, and all that our Heavenly Father asks, is to be amazed! Amazed at the big things and the small, the big miracles and the small ones that are almost a secret. "By small and simple things are great things come to past." Love you all and thank you for your emails, your prayers, and your love!! 

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

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