Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Lord is my Shepherd, in Whom Shall I Fear?

Things are doing good here. Times are getting stressful, but what can I say? its the mission :) This past week has been pretty stuffed! We've been working hard and a key part to the work this week was the members. We've had a lot of the young women want to come out and leave with us, so that's been really nice. Idk if anyone said something to them or if they have just decided on their own, but I'm not complaining! It's really great to have their testimonies in the lessons with us and I think they feel good about what they are doing :D 

On Thursday, we had a zone conference with 2 other zones and there were a lot of good talks. It was a nice spiritual upliftment I think and we talked a lot about the mission and our purpose here. President Corbitt seriously is an amazing man and I'm excited for you guys to meet him one day! Also, on Friday we went to the temple! Yay! That was also something nice that I think I needed. It's rough when you can't just go to the temple when you want to, and that's something I'm going to take advantage of in the future years.

But, some experiences I've had here this week have been with families. Our mission has been working really hard on finding families, and with our big focus on that, we've been blessed to be able to find a family every week! Maybe that's not a lot, but for us it is! Yesterday, we found a great family, and it turns out that the mom of the mom was a member of the church! But they are a family of four, mom dad, and two sons and they are amazing! They have based their family basically on the principles that are in the Family Proclamation and all they are missing is the church and baptism! But they are so prepared and ready to receive the gospel and I hope to see a temple picture of them in the near future :D

Really, a lot of people we are finding now have been prepared to receive the gospel ...idk if it's something we are doing or if it's something that the Lord is placing in our paths in this moment. But the majority of the people we have found have been ready to receive the gospel in their lives and have just been waiting. The Shepherd really does look after his flock and his sheep. i guess it's a big lesson on how sometimes, we just have to look or just have to open our mouths. We found that family because Hermana Maltos invited the little boy to come to church one day .. and now he's been coming to church for 4 weeks on his own! And his mom was impressed and invited us to come to their home. It's been a great blessing and a good lesson to me to open my mouth at every opportunity, even if I'm scared about speaking spanish or if they'll judge me or if they'll reject. Im not perfect. I'm not going to come home the perfect missionary or the perfect person so don't expect that. But I can promise you I will come home a better person than I was 18 months before and I can promise you that I will come home being a different member of the true church than I was 18 months before. I'm still learning every day on what I can do better and how I can do it better. And I hope that you all can accept that I'm nowhere near perfect, but I'm trying. 

Well, that's about it for this week. Thank you all for your love and support and for the prayers. Have a great week and love you all!

Love, aloha, y amor,

Hermana Ho

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