Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, October 26, 2015

Time Flies When Things in the House Go Good :)

Well, for this week, yes I did the week of consecration. Some days I felt like I consecrated a ton, others not enough. But during this week, it was a reminder of what the true meaning of charity and service is. Putting others before yourself, putting the will of the Lord before yours. We also did a secret sister thing and served one of the sisters that we lived with for the week. It was a big eye opener that helped me to see and recognize what other people do to consecrate themselves and their lives. And like you said mom, it helped me to realize that I need to thank others more for what they do, to be more grateful. 

As for this week, it just flew by too fast! Saohny didn't get baptized this week. I'll explain why. On Monday, we had a family home evening with a family in the ward, and when we mentioned Saohny's baptism, they asked why her brother wasn't going to baptize her (he just reactivated with me and Hermana Maltos and so was a Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood even though he is 17 years old). So we talked with bishop about it and arranged it so that he could get the priesthood to baptize his sister. THe only thing with that was that he had to be sustained in church by the members in order for it to be valid. So, the baptize is postponed until this week Friday, which actually works out better because the mom has more time to try and get off of work. So her baptism is actually this week! As for Mireya, she's still doing good. She is now working on not drinking coffee for 3 days (she choose the 3 days) and she's doing really great! She loved the lesson that we had on the law of chastity and was totally in agreeance with everything we said. We also had a very spiritual lesson with a family, the Guzman family (the one where the sons came to church by themselves) and they accepted a baptism invitation! We were stoked! And they have really high family values, so we're hoping to just guide them to the truth in order to continue having these values. And the Jimenez family is doing good too. They've kinda been a little sick so we haven't been able to teach too much. But they are so awesome and I hope I'm here to see them baptized. 

These past few weeks have been jam packed with fun, smiles, laughs, hard work, and many miracles. If I could write every single miracle that happened, I'd be here for hours, days, trying to tell you everything! But I think a lot has been thanks to the sisters that I live with and also to my wonderful companion (still gotta send pics of us ... next week! we took "family pictures/Christmas pictures" together and there were a few cute ones that I like a lot, btws). But really, I testify that if the house is strong, the work is stronger and so is the spirit. I feel like we are unified, the six of us here and because of that, we have seen many spiritual moments that have passed this week. It truly is a blessing to be living here with these 5 girls. I encourage and invite you all to see what you can do to improve the unity in your homes this week. Because I can assure you that if you all are more united, everything just falls into place and so many miracles happen. 

Well, that's about all for now. Love you all and thanks for your love and prayers! Have a great week!

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

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