Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, August 3, 2015

I Walk By Faith

Anyway, for the record, I'm doing good!! It's stinkin hot here and hasn't been raining much. Rumor has it that a storms coming and it's going to hit hard! But don't worry, I got my 72 hour kit all ready :D 

 So Yeah, this week was a little rough, but hey, it's ok :) I knew that this area would be a spiritual strengthener, so trials were expected. But I have forgotten to look for the miracles. But this week, I'll tell you some of the few that I've had. 
1) My companion is awesome!! She's helped me to be excited and look forward to every day as a new day in the mission, to not lose hope. She's been the one who has helped me to be more creative and to change. She is an incredible example for me and also for the sisters that live with us. I'm seriously going to be missing this girl when we separate again.
2) Claudio. He's a recent convert who doesn't have an easy life. But despite his challenges, he still leaves with us in appointments and bears strong testimony of the truths that we teach. Also, he makes me laugh a ton and is like a brother to me. So yeah, he's been a great blessing in my life.
3) the ward. Although people aren't perfect, they keep trying. And this ward es exceptional!! Every week we have people to feed us on the weekends and people who are willing to leave with us, who befriend our investigators and help them in church, and who are nice. 
4) My friends :D Yes, dad, I actually have friends, lol!! hahaha jk jk, but seriously, I have been blessed with many opportunities to get to know some pretty amazing missionaries here in the DR. It's trully been a blessing for me and to hear their stories and sees their sacrifices that they have made really inspire me to be a better person and a better missionary. 
5) we are finding families! Although missionary work takes time, patience and sacrifice, we have been able to find many families here in the city! And many that have a lot of potential to progress and to become influential in the church. I've had the privilege to get to find and know these families and I'm praying and working hard so that they can one day be an eternal family. 

So even though the mission is hard, I testify that there are the blessings and the miracles. We just gotta change perspective. And it's been hard for me to change my perspective sometimes, especially when you're sitting in a hot house with no electricity for the fan to work. But I know that with faith and works, the Lord is able to work miracles in our lives and in the mission. I've seen it and I know it to be true. One of the things that my mission president has encouraged all of us to do is to be creative in the mission. Creative in the lessons, in the contacting, in the reunions we have. And it's really helped me to learn and to grow and (hopefully) become a better missionary. 

Anyway, that's about all for now. I hope all of you are doing well! Thanks for all of your love and support and especially for your prayers. I continue seeing miracles, and I know that it isn't only my efforts that have caused these miracles to happen. Love you all and have a great week!

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

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