Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sorry that you are getting this late, things kinda didn't work out yesterday. but all is well. 

So I'm doing good. This week has been the same as any other week here in Gascue. We've had a lot of people stay in our house, missionaries, and so it's been quite a party! Also, the navy is here in the DR doing a humanitarian aid project. They actually traveled around to 7 different countries or so and the DR is number 5. They asked for translators and so the mission is helping them in that. I got the privelege to go and translate. It was super hard, but it was a sweet service project. We weren't allowed to proselyte, and that was harder than i thought it would be, but I really liked. Sorry, idk if I can be a doctor after that, or a dentist, to many medical terms that my brain cant take in and remember. But it was a neat experience. 

So not much to write. We do have a young woman who we are teaching and who is going to be baptized next month! she's 12 and she's super great. we also have a lady named cifrida that we are teaching, who is the wife of a recent convert and understands a lot of the doctrine. also, another contact that we had is Mirea, who said that never in her 60 something years has she let anyone of another religion enter her house to teach her until us and she's sweet! She wanted to come to church without us even asking! and she accepted a baptismal invitation. so that was great! but other than them, we don't have many other investigators that are progressing. 

Thanks for your emails, love and support! Love you guys and have a great week!

Love, aloha, y amor,
hermana Ho

Our zone! And then we found Charlie's Chocolate Factory!! It was super cool! 

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