Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, August 24, 2015

Oh happy day :D

This week has been a great week!! super good. And btws, for the record, me and hermana Maltos will continue to be companions for this next transfer, here in Gascue still. That will make 5 transfers together in total!! For those who don't understand how much time that is, it's about 7 months, which is a ton!! But i'm not complaining, because I couldn't ask for a better comp! She's helped me to grow so much and literally, since day 1 in Hato Mayor, she's been my sis. We have the bad times, sure, but the good times rule them out. It's gonna hurt when we have to separate ... especially when i leave. But there's a ton of time until then :D

This past week, we went to the temple with Cifrida and Fernando!! She's progressing sooo well and is going to be baptized on 26 of Sept. She's awesome!! We went to the temple and talked about them and the plan their father in heaven has for them in the temple. They have some marriage problems, and we're working on that ... but Cifrida is amazing and a sweet sweet lady. Mirea, still is awesome! She always has a lot of questions and understands everything. In fact, she wants to learn more and wants to come to church. she said she won't be 100% sure if the church is true until she comes to church ... so she needs to find someone to take care of her aunty so she can come to church. but she's doing great! And we also have Saohny, the 12 year old girl. We've almost got her mom reactivated in church, she just needs to talk with the bishop, but she also will be baptized on the 26. She's ready too. And her brother (who is ammon's age and going to the university) also is reactivating and decided to go on a mission!! He's going to study first and then fill out his papers i think, but he's on a role too!! 

So yes, today is a happy day ... and a sad one. Transfers are tomorrow and I realize that a lot of my good friends are going home. One of them is Hermana Hernandez. Idk if you remember her, but she has been a huge example for me in the mission, a role model that i've looked up to and she's going home tomorrow. also a few elders that I've become good friends with are going it's kinda sad, especially since idk when I'll see hermana hernandez again, face to face... but it's ok. I'll keep talking to her :D

The Lord truly has answered a lot of my prayers this past week. I realize that my body is just tired all the time, no matter what I try and that's the biggest struggle now because being tired affects a lot of thigs ... but the Lord has truly answered my prayers, and a lot of the answers came through my wonderful sister Hermana Maltos :D I'm so grateful to have her one more transfer! I love her so much!!

Anyway, thanks again for your love and support and for all the prayers. Seriously, thanks you all. Love you all and take care!

Love, aloha, y amor, 
Hermana Ho

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