Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, March 9, 2015

It's All About Robert

So before I jump into everything, just want to verify some things. Mom, for the meetings, for those who live closer to the capital, they get mail every week cause the office is closer. As for me, I live farther and we have meetings every first, third, and sixth week of transfers, where we get our mail. and the dates vary, so it's ok. This week, I'm going to zone meeting, so I should get the package. Thank you!! :D And thanks for your spiritual insights mom and dad. I'm sorry I can't comment or respond on everything, but I really do enjoy reading your emails and try to apply them in the mission. God blessed me with some pretty awesome parents :D And I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to be faithful worthy members in the church and worthy to attend the temple. Thanks for making the choices you made so that I can be here. i'm seeing just exactly how the choices of parents affect their children, and I just gotta say that the choices you both made up until now are amazing and I'm am soooo eternally grateful for them and for you both now :D Love you all!

So this past week, Robert got baptized!! Only Robert, the Diaz family said that for sure they are getting baptized. They are going to pick their date though ... little by little with these guys ...But ROBERT GOT BAPTIZED!!! I've only known this guy for about 6 weeks, but in these 6 weeks, he's become one of my best friends. And if you know Robert, he's this small little bunch of energy haha and he was so excited to get baptized! His parents were excited too because his dad bought Robert a white shirt and black pants and nice new church shoes. When we went to his house the day of his baptism in the morning, just to visit, Robert had his hair done and was all shaved and everything. He never wears anything but a polo shirt and pants, even to church. But when he came to his baptism ... me and Hermana Nazaire almost screamed cause he was a changed man!! I got some pics to prove it!! As we were waiting for people to arrive, we asked Robert if any more of his family are coming (only his parents came and he has 2 brothers and a sister) and his response was "I don't know when they'll come, if they'll come today, tomorrow, or next week. But it doesn't matter, because my baptism is more important!!" Haha I love this guy and am going to miss him so much. But he was baptized and confirmed the next day. Our mission leader baptized him and it was his first baptism too in a way :D

Robert is amazing. And there's been so much i've learned from him. one, to study the scriptures. he reads the bible at breakfast and dinner time, sometimes lunch. So we challenged him to read the BOM at the same time too. And he did it! And is still doing it. And he doesn't plan on changing. Another thing I've learned from him is charity. This guy, I'm not sure how he finds the time, but he always is helping out his family and neighbors. They live in a little group of small homes and he's always in and out and babysitting and everything for them. And third, this guy has taught me faith. He told us that the Friday night before his baptism, he prayed from 2am to 4am. Idk what it was about, but he did it. Whenever he has doubts or questions, he turns to prayer and the scriptures and nothing else. Sometimes he believes us when we tell him what is right and wrong, but most of the time, he turns to the Lord.

okay, so I realize it might sound like I'm in love with this guy. But I'm not. It's like how a prophet in the Book of Mormon said, I do not boast of myself, but of my God, for He is greater than all. And I agree. I rejoice in my God and the change that Robert has made for God. Not for me, not my companion, but for the Lord. And through Robert, I can see the Lord working in him. It was amazing. I've learned so much from this guy and I'm really really really going to miss him because ...

I'm getting transferred. Yes, after 4 wonderful amazing months in Hato Mayor, I'm going to move very far away to a place called Heinamosa. And my companion is someone I knew from one of my other districts. Her name is Hermana Macfarlend and i'm excited to work with her. We're going to be the poly power over there, cause I believe she's samoan or tongan from Utah. I'm sad to leave, but happy and I know the Lord has plans for me. I'm really going to miss Hermana Nazaire too ... i never had a night where I went to bed discouraged with her cause we were always laughing and joking around. But it's okay. With change comes good stuff, especially in the mission. 

Anyway, that's about the update for now. Later I have to go home and pack (i have so much stuff ... maybe even a mini christmas tree from an awesome aunty ...), and tomorrow I leave Hato Mayor. but, just gotta keep your head up!

Love you all and thanks for your love, support, and prayers for the missionaries. i hope that all is well back home too and that the missionary work is progressing! Have a great week!

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

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