Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, March 30, 2015

He is Risen!

Happy Easter! I just got your package today(we went to the mission office today so I got to get my package a little early. I'll explain later)!!! Thanks so much for all of the treats and you can bet that there were many missionaries who greatly enjoyed them. some might've been a little jealous about my cute and adorable family who comes up with these great ideas :) Thank you! 
Anyway, dad, to answer some of your questions. Let me just give you a basic overview of a PDay here. So, I know you said you started working on everything the night before.... idk if you had the mission manual in your mission ... or if you're too old for that ... hahahaha jk jk I love you! But I don't start my Pday until the next day. I wake up, sometimes we start cleaning right away, sometimes we do the daily exercise. Then, we clean the house, get ready for the day, and after our studies, we go and print out our emails, shop, and then do whatever we want. Today was a little different. So, our phone got stolen last night (someone reached in through our window and took the phone right off the dresser. I know dad, it was stupid and we shouldn't have left our phone where someone could get it. But sometimes, we just are too tired or worried about other things to worry about that. sorry :). so we called our leaders and they told us that we could come by the office today and pick up a new phone. So ... we missed our zone activity to go to the office ... we waited for a guagua (dominican bus) for about 30 minutes before we finally got on one, then took the 1.5hour trip to the office in that. When we got there, we got our phone and also got to talk to the office missionaries who work there and I got my package! It was nice to be in AC in this heat. Then, after we left we were hungry and our money in our mission accounts hadn't come yet. So we couldn't shop for this week's food (we'll probably have to do that tomorrow), and so we decided to eat out at a place called "Happy Hour Zhou." It was the closest restaurant we could see. And here's a little taste of dominicans. We walk inside and it's a nice restaurant with American decorations, "chinese" food, and mexican music. .... I'm just gonna say that Dominicans love to mix and match things and I've learned to just go with it and enjoy it hahaha Ok guys, if my memory is correct, chow fun is noodles, right? I ordered chowfun ... and got a huge plate of rice. hahahhaha it was super good, but I guess dominicans mixed and matched up a little too much this time hahahaha hna mcFarland ordered chowmein (which, if my memory serves me correctly, is also a type of noodles) and got these wontons instead of noodles! Hahahaha we couldn't help but laugh! But it's okay. we had "Chinese Food" in a fancy restraunt so that was different. Our first restaurant outing!! (unless you count burger king, cause those are restaurants here). Then another guagua ride back here where I almost died cause the driver had road rage ... and the passengers supported his cause hahaha aiyaiyai ... all I can say about this place is "oh the DR ..." 
Anyway, so that was a typical Pday and today's pday. oh and dad, we don't have screens. idk why, of all the countries, this country should have them! But the majority have fancy looking bars over them. all the homes. our house is lucky to have loovers. but our house is super hot right now and we don't always have sufficient electricity to wash our clothes, neither do we have water all the time. So we talked with the office and are looking for a new house right now. we'll see how it goes. As for our generator, we don't have one. well, maybe that's what "inversedor" translates into. idk. but we use the inversedor for backup power, but it doesn't power our fridge or washer. And if you remember Hermana Hernandez from Christmas (the other Mexican I lived with and who talked to you on the phone), I'm living with her again :D and with another american named Hermana Gingell (who is hilarious!) and then me and my comp. When I get the chance, I'll send pics. But for now, I don't trust this computer place. It's kinda ghetto ...
Well, There's too much to tell you guys about and not enough time. Time drags here, but looking back, it flies all in one. As for investigators, we don't have any progressing. that means reading the BOM, coming to church, completing compromisos ... I think that means commitments. yeah. this area is not like Hato Mayor and has taken me out of my comfort zone. But let me tell you the positives. My companion and I work very well together, as friends, missionaries, members, poly sisters I love here:D The members here are amazing and are a wonderful help to us every single week. We did have a baptism this past Saturday. Her name is Marleiny and she's a little shy, but she agreed to bare her testimony at the baptism, which she did and although it was short, you could see the light shining in her eyes, especially when she was confirmed the next day :) Also, we have 2 new investigators with a lot of potential. One day, we were walking down a street we'd never walked down before and this guy called out to us and asked us if we had pamphlets. I said yes and asked if he wanted one, and he said yes, so i gave one to him and explained who we were and what time church was at and where the chapel was. I didn't think much of it and I didn't want to just right out contact him because he was with a group of friends and i wasn't sure if that was juice or beer in his cup. So we walked away. That sunday, in the gospel principles class, I was sitting there when these two guys walk in and ask for a sister Ho. Yups, it was the guy that contacted me! His name is Juan and the friend he brought with him is Wilber. They had come at 8am and stayed til 11! If there's one thing you should know, no one comes to church at 8, someitmes not even the members! But these two contacts were there at 8!! So have have begun teaching them and they seem to have sincere interest. They so far have soaked up every word we've said and although they didn't come to church this past sunday (Juan hurt his knee and can't walk too well), I think they have a lot of potential. 
So that's about it for this week. I hope that this saturday and sunday, we can all have a great general conference and that we can remember that Él Vive, He lives. Remember "The Gift" project that was during christmas time? Well, they are continuing with that and instead, it's "Because He Lives" ... well that's what it means in spanish. There is a video up again too with that title and I invite you guys to watch it and share it. But it doesn't stop there. The purpose of this project is to invite others to come unto Christ and this time, it's to invite them to general conference. So, my family and friends, I invite you to share this video with someone (in person, because sharing through FB is just too easy ;) and invite them to watch conference WITH you (not by themselves online, because that would just be too easy as well ;) I know it's hard. trust me, sometimes my tongue gets tied up in Spanish. But the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. And we should try to invite every one of those souls to return to Him. Christ lives, not only for us, but for those who have yet to discover him or to accept Him. 
I love you all and thank you for your love and support in every way. Take care and have a happy easter and general conference sunday!! 
Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

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