Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, March 16, 2015

Change All My Acts to Serve Thy Ends

Ahhhhhh!! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I loved it! hahaha and my housemates and companion definitely want to meet dad now. hahaha  We might've laughed a little too hard. Man dad, you just get a little crazier each year!  Well, then again, so does Ammon ... and Alliyah ... and Alana... hahaha and some loco people in the ward. awww, but seriously, thanks guys! I really do appreciate it! I loved it so much! Can you believe that i'm going to be 20?! It's kinda scary, but I can't think of a better way to spend this year other than on an exotic island :) ... granted, I can't celebrate it at any of the beautiful beaches that they have, but that's okay :) I'm not crying. but I did get a tan! 

Yes, dad, our mission president was pretty desperate to put two poly sisters together. But she's amazing. She reminds me a lot of Makana Hallums, who just left on her mission. The two are so much alike! I love her so much :) ph and she's samoan. She lived in samoa for a little bit to take care of her grandparents and I believe her dad is from New Zealand.  I can't say that we have had the easiest days here in Hainamosa this past week, but it has definitely been nice to have someone to talk to and laugh with during this time. I'm not gonna lie, Hainamosa is not Hato Mayor (my old area), in many ways. I really miss my old area. But i'm looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me in this new area. The ward members and especially the bishop are really excited about doing missionary work. Elder Holland just visited this area (no, I didn't see him, sadly) and idk what he said, but they are very excited to work with us now so we'll take advantage of that. This area is HUGE!!! I know I said Hato Mayor was huge, but I think this place is bigger... and luckily, we have members who have cars so they can drive to the appointments with us. 

And I can't believe that everyone is returning home! Yes, time does fly ... I'm almost half way done in the mission and NO NOT trunky hahaha I'm at the point where I’m about accustomed to the mission life and I cant really see myself going home. And be careful, before you know it, those three men that came home are going to be engaged!! Hahaha there's a lot of missionaries from this mission who are engaged ... and I heard my cousin Wesley is engaged too!  It's okay, I give all my family and friends permission to get married while I'm on the mission, as long as I can at least have a picture of their spouse!! lol 

Sorry that I don't have a lot to write about this week. well, I have a few crazy things I could tell you. 1)I get to bucket shower in the mish!  I know I've had some ghetto bathroom experiences, but this one beats them all I believe. For that, all I can say is "OH, the DR ..." Don't ask how long it takes to wash my hair like that haha. Oh and our shower is even more ghetto because the drain doesn't work, so you have to shovel the water into the bucket when you're done and empty it into toilet or the sink. Oh yes, it's a party. 2) Our house is green. Yes, two shades of green to be more exact. Outside and inside. My room is a cream color and the bathrooms are blue. Yes, "oh the DR..." 3) The members are amazing. Our relief society president drives like a maniac, but she’s awesome.  4) We have almost no light in our house aka no electricity. So washing our clothes is a whole other adventure here.  haha you have to just have faith ... lots of faith. hahaha 

So that's that for you. I’m still adjusting to living here hahaha. Thus the title. But I’m also adjusting to the people here. They are very different and I feel sometimes that I'm not wanted in the house of some of our investigators (the sister before me had 6 months in this area and now she's in my old area). So I'm literally trying to change a ton of stuff so that I can serve the ends of my Savior. Easier said than done. But I'm changing :) 

Thank you all for your love and support and for the birthday wishes! I love you all and love reading all about your lives back home. I pray for you all every day and love you all ... yes, even my crazy dad. hahahaha have a wonderful week!

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

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