Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm Walking on Sunshine

So, it's getting hotter and hotter over here :'( it's more like I'm walking in Sunshine ... all shiny from sweat.  Really sad, but all is well. 

I'm doing okay dad, to answer your question. Physically, just tired all the time, but I think you know, it's the norm in the mission ;) Spiritually, the best I've ever been! And mentally, well, it's always a roller coaster. But I'm learning and realizing the amount of control I have over my thoughts and emotions. I surprise myself sometimes. Financially, well, since you're asking ... lol jk, i'm good. And my comp is amazing. She's a great example for me and inspires me every day to change and become a better person. 

So over here, not much went on this past week, thus more pics (for you mom lol). But this saturday, we have the baptism of Robert! I sent a couple of pics with him in it. But he's so cool and he told us that he's not getting baptized for anyway. Only if it's something the Lord wants him to do and if he (robert) feels like it's something he needs to do. So yay! It's only him this saturday. But the familia Diaz said that they are going to get baptized too! It's a sure thing now. But they are going to put their own date and time as to when. I'm excited for them. we are working with quite a few families here, and so it's great for me to see the changes they make. They are all in different stages of the conversion process, some starting, some looking, some discovering and I think that's one of the greatest blessings and miracles in the mission. The change. It's something we all need, and sometimes don't realize we do (or maybe don't) have or need to work on. What we change, how we change, and for who we change is up to us. My comp and I were talking about how if we focus all of our lives, every minute of every day on the Lord, it's so much easier to feel the spirit. Thus, missionaries and our "spiritual high." Yet our every day lives after the mission are the hardest. Why? because of the changes we need to make. But imagine how much more spiritual we can be if we try and focus every minute of every day of our lives in Christ. It's hard, I know, but if we try, what will we change? With everything the Lord asks of us, there are promised blessings. some not on this earth, but like Ammon said in his talk, some come later, sometimes in the eternities. I know as we become more spiritually minded and focus our eyes on the "sun"/Son of God, we will change for the better and will live our lives growing more spiritually. 

That's all for now. I love you all so much and thank you for all of your support that you have given me, through prayers, packages, words, examples, everything! Love you all and take care!

Love, Aloha, And Amor,
Hermana Ho

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