Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, January 12, 2015

You’re Gonna Hear me Roar!

Haha okay, so that song may have been sung a couple days ago just cause I like it. ... a lot. haha I'm so music deprived in the mission, but that's okay. After the mission, I just might have one full day of listening to music everywhere I go! Wait, maybe that'll be every day ... lol

Anyway, so this past week was a little rough, to say the least. Well, there's the ups and downs. This past week for one, was HOT. Man, the sun is strong here and idk why! But I will take advantage of the breeze we have for now before it gets hot again. My head has been hurting a little since saturday and I think it's because of the heat. idk, we'll see. Also, I had my first ever really ... rude encounter. we went to this elderly couple's house whom we had contacted earlier that week to share the Restoration with them. When we got there, the husband was sitting outside, watching tv and we said hi. He was polite, but we could tell he wasn't too interested. He called his wife and when she came to the door, he said to her "talk with them." She took one look at us and started yelling at her husband(or maybe it was at us,we aren't too sure). Neither me nor my companion understood everything she said, but it was something along the lines of "I was sleeping and you woke me up for them! ..." and then she stomped back into the house. Needless to say, we got the message. The husband looked at us with his hands raised in the air like "idk, I'm sorry" and my sweet companion said "it's okay. Bye! Have a good day." Ouch. Yeah that experience is the one that sticks out the most in my mind. It hurt a lot, more because we have the gospel, we have the truth! And literally, us missionaries are standing in the place of Christ. So to think how He feels with every rejection like this. And dad, yeah, sometimes I wanna grab them and shake them, and say that they should listen. Sometimes I wanna roar like Katy Perry. Lol, jk. but no, for the most part, it just hurts. But it's their agency. 

On the bright side, we have a golden investigator. I'm not going to give her name, but she reminds me a lot of mom, in her actions and her personality. She is married to a very wealthy husband and has 3 kids. She is the sister of one of our recent converts and is amazing! She's been too a lot of different churches and has a lot of experience in religion and when we started teaching her, she was ready and is accepting and living everything we teach her. The only problem is that her mother in law is like a minister in the Jehovah Witness church and when she found out our investigator came to church with us once, she was mad and threatened to not support our investigator. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but our investigator is having slight problems in her marriage, so she relies a lot, physically and economically, on the support of her mother in law to help her with the kids. So for now, She won't be getting baptized, but the first moment she has, she will be baptized. Only a matter of time. But man, the woman is amazing! So humble, loving, giving and accepting of the gospel. 

And it's people like her that make the mission worth it :D Despite the many downs in the mission, there's many ups. It's people like her that I'm here, for those who are ready. And sometimes, we gotta go through rough stuff to find the diamonds or even for us to become like diamonds. One thing I've learned is that whenever our days are rough here, Heavenly Father wants us to learn something from these things and to prepare because after the rough stuff, there's something great! Always in the mission, always. Just gotta be ready! hahaha

Anyway, thank you all for your love and support and for letting me be here to serve. thank you for your prayers. Sometimes, I wonder why some miracles happen and when I can't think of anything I've done, I think it's because of your prayers. So thank you! Also, please thank the primary for their little book that they sent me for christmas! i absolutely love it and can't wait to meet them all face to face! 

Love you all and stay strong! Remember, after the hard stuff comes the good stuff so endure to the end! Look for the positives in the negatives! Love you all!

Love and aloha,
Hermana Ho

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