Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, December 29, 2014

You guys are seriously the best!

Yeah, not gonna lie, it was super nice to talk to you all and to know that you are all doing okay! Thanks for taking time to skype and call! I loved it! And to say the least, I am more motivated and content after seeing you guys, not so much trunky. I don't think I'm trunky, anyway. 

As for the rest of my week since Christmas, it's been good. The morning of Christmas, we opened our little secret sister gifts and our little goodie bags and it was really nice! My secret sister (it was my companion haha) gave me some new cute pjs!! I'll send you guys some pics when i can. But I love them and they are really comfortable. As for the others, i gave them some calenders from Hawaii ... and needless to say, they loved it! My companion loves flowers, so I gave her one calendar with flowers from Hawaii and Hermana Hernandez loves "aquamarine" beaches so I gave her a calendar with Aquamarine. All in all, it was a very nice christmas! And we had tons of food!

So just a short spiritual thought for  today: the book of mormon has power. A power like no other. What me and  my companion have been doing is caring around the BOMs in our hands so that people know who we are and we've given out a lot since then. At one point, we were visiting a lady and her friend, who is catholic, started asking us questions in a way that gave us the impression that she was trying to find a way to attack us. But our investigator opened her BOM and started sharing her small and simple testimony about the BOM and how it testifies of Christ. She didn't say much, but it was enough. We also gave her friend a BOM and she started reading various parts of it, looking through it, and she didn't attack us. In fact, I think she's actually going to read it! Anyway, to say the least, we have an appointment with her friend and we will see how that goes. But the BOm has a unique power that everyone recognizes, not matter who they are. It's really cool! This new year, i invite you guys to share the BOM. The BOM has basically all the doctrine of our church and if you read the introduction, there is an invitation and a promise for all who read it. I invite you guys to make a goal for this year to 1) read the entire book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true, or if you know that it is true, pray to more and 2) share a BOM with someone this year. I know that if you do this, the Lord will provide a way for you, to bless and strengthen you in your efforts. 

I love you guys so much and hope you all have an amazing new year! Thank you for your love and support, your examples, and for letting me serve a mission. Honestly, besides you guys, my mission means the world to me :D Love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Love and aloha, siempre, 
Hermana Ho

P.S. if you can, pop some fireworks for me :D

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