Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, December 8, 2014

Para siempre dios este con voz

So, this past week was fast. we have transfers the next week and so me and hermana maltos aren't really sure what is going to happen. We had our 2 baptisms this past saturday and that was awesome! the baptisms went really smoothly and nicely. And one thing that I discovered is that satan doesn't attack the baptisms for me and my companion. He's attacking us. After our first baptism together, stuff happened and the night wasn't so fun. But the baptism was good. After these baptisms, stuff happened to us AGAIN, but the baptisms were really good again and so were the members. It made me realize that sometimes, when Satan knows he can't do anything to change the mind of our investigators, he targets us, the missionaries. Plus, I think he's mad because we just baptized two future priesthood holders lol. So that's a problem for him. 

Other than that, me and my companion are doing really good. It's a lot of fun together and we have learned so much together. I know a lot more spanish now, but it's hard for me to understand people still. But I'm getting to know the work a lot more and how to do things. 

And stake conference! Man, that's one thing I like now is stake conference. It sounds like it was amazing! Wish I could've been there for that. And yeah, the work is progressing far faster than i imagined! And if there's one thing I regret, is not sharing the gospel more frequently with everyone. We have so many friends who don't know the gospel and thus have more opportunities opened to us to share the gospel. I wish I had done that more back home. So thank you guys for being examples and for doing missionary work right now! Especially with The Gift. We aren't having too much progress here right now with The Gift program, but the year is not over yet. Mom, great job with the choir! And dad, great job with conference. I'm sure it was great. And your wife can tell you all about it :) As for the example of the missionaries, that's what we do :) and I'm trying to work on smoothing it out ... we'll see how that goes haha. 

Thank you all for your examples! And for your emails and packages. I love it! And I'm looking forward to talking with you guys, hopefully face to face, if not, on the phone :) Love you all and take care! 

Love and aloha,
Hermana Ho

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