Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Friday, December 19, 2014

Impossible things are happening every day!

Yups. So many things that I thought were impossible continue to happen every day. I'll explain more later. Can you guess the movie? :)

Btws, I did have a complete dream in Spanish the other night. ... it was one of those worry dreams, where you go to bed worrying about something and in your dream that something happens. Yeah ... but it was all in Spanish! And in the dream, after the worry part, I dreamed of having a lesson in spanish and it was really good! Just a side note, mom I had an AWESOME dream with you in it! We were talking at the beach and it was a beautiful day. Just the two of us, talking for hours :D I tend to dream a LOT about the beach ... either the beach or you guys or both in one. It depends haha

So, yes, impossible things. Impossible things are happening every day. Like waking up at 6:30am ... not really sure how I manage to do it. Or finding people to teach. That's a little rough sometimes. Or contacting random people in the streets. That's something I would've never done before the mission. But there are so many things that I would've never thought possible. Like speaking spanish. I gotta, say, I'm a lot better and a lot more secure. Not perfect and still don't understand things sometimes, but I know so much more than I did 2 months ago, that's for sure. A lot of it is thanks to my companion and her patience :) Speaking of more impossible things, we got transfers. And no one in my district is leaving! I'm so happy!! there are 8 of us in our district and we all got pretty tight. My district leader will now have spent his entire 7 months in the mission in the same area. for those of you who have served a mission, 4months is a lot, and to have 7 in the same area?! This is also his first area too. We thought he would leave and one of the sisters in my house, but merry christmas! we all get one more transfer together!

Sorry for the side track. Anyway, impossible things are happening every day. And here's what I've learned. well, first, I've been trying to write more about lessons learned in my journal, rather than every detail. So I'm writing lessons I've learned, special experiences and feelings, and weird random things. What I've learned about impossible things:
1) obedience. That brings a lot of impossible things. Rules are set, commandments are given, things are asked of us and when we are obedient, we don't always se the results right away. But looking back, my companion and I can see the fruits of our labors.
2) faith. I gotta admit, I didn't have much faith in "the gift" program when it first came out. I had doubts. but we talked about it in my house and my faith has changed. And with that, we had 3 investigators come to church after we shared la Dadiva with them and 2 of them have baptism dates! Faith, literally, in Christ, the gift, la Dadiva. 
3) Hard work. When we do our part, and it's good, and we do all we can to succeed, the Lord follows through. And you see the impossible come to pass. Contacting. it's not one of my favorite things to do, going from door to door, sharing the gospel with people who aren't interested or don't understand me when I try to speak spanish. But thanks to one of the elders in our district who contacted (this means shared the gospel with a person for a brief moment), we have an investigator with a lot of potential. 
4) the mission. It constently amazes me, the sacrifices of so many missionaries. If you think about it, for many, the mission creates many impossible challenges for people. money problems, time, family problems, language problems, spending 24/7 with a stranger you never knew, doubts, many many problems. You'd think the church would be a trainwreck after sending out 18, 19, and 20 year old youth to preach the gospel. But then the impossible happens. And somehow, things work out. Somehow finances aren't a problem, families are put together, you speak fluently and sometimes learn 2 languages instead of just 1, and you become brothers or sisters with your companion. And instead of a trainwreck for a church, you get a piece of the kingdom of God. 

This week, I encourage you guys to do something impossible. Take the leap of faith. This time of year is the easiest time to invite someone to come and adore Him, to accept the gift in their lives. Invite your paddling friend to church. invite your school friend to an activity. Talk to someone you've never talked to before. Go to an activity you've never been to before. Invite someone over for dinner. Idk, something you've never done before, do it with faith in Christ, obedience, hard work and with a mission purpose. And watch the impossible happen :)

Love you guys and I'll talk to you later! Sorry I didn't write some of you back, but I'll do better next time. Have a great week!

Love and mucho aloha,
Hermana Ho

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