Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, November 16, 2015

It's a girl!! :D

Guys, before I write anything else... just want to let you know... I'm TRAINING!!! I'm stoked! For those who don't know what that means, it means my companion for this upcoming transfer (aka. begininng tomorrow) is a newbie!! Greenie!! I'm so excited and so nervous, and I only have one transfer to make sure that I give her all I got!! We will also be whitewashing, which will be fun and which I like doing :D aka. we'll be starting fresh in a new area that I don't know anything about! It's called Nueva Almanecer. Okay, now that that's out ...

As for the investigators, everyone is doing okay. it was a really wierd week because all of the investigators that we had, their appointments fell through and they weren't home or didn't answer the phone. But, I do want to share some cool spiritual experiences that happened, even though all those things fell through. So we had a leaders meeting in which President Corbitt talked about faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and how we have faith in the blessings that have been promised to us as missionaries and, using this faith and knowledge of the blessings, how we can help our investigators see themselves as though they had already been saved. It's like in Jarom 1:11, where the prophet Jarom is speaking as though Christ had already come, when in that time, it was about 400 years or so before his birth. So, applying this to the mission (I hope you follow), President Corbitt explained the great faith that Jarom had, that we missionaries need to have, to see our investigators as if they had already been saved, as if they had already gone to the temple. It was such a spiritual meeting and the spirit was testifying to us the reality of these things. 

So that night, after the meeting, me and my companion when contacting, knocking on doors. And we applied what we had learned into talking to these people, seeing them as if they had already been baptized... and one of them has a baptism date! It truly is amazing how the Lord works through us missionaries, as though He literally is speaking through us, or right there with us. And it's an experience that I want to repeat over and over again :) Since I'm leaving this area, Gascue, to go to another area, I've looked back and have been able to see the many changes that have been made here, and I'm so grateful to have been a part of this marvelous work and wonder. I hope that I'm still able to help my investigators that are here, even though I'm going. And I realize just how many good friends and family that I've made here in these past 5-6 months. 

Well, that's about it for this week. Thank you all for all that you do for me and for your love, prayers and support. Wish you all the best for these upcoming days!! Love ya!

Love, aloha y amor,
Hermana Ho

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