Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, November 23, 2015

Because I'm Happy!! :D

Yups, you know that song!!  This past week was my first week training and it has been wonderful! My companion is Hermana Monjarás from el Salvador. She´s so cute! I´ll send some pics! But she is amazing. She´s kinda like me ... and people have said that we look alike ... I think it´s those Filipino features, ya know? hahaha but wow, I´ve been able to learn so much from her and I can only hope that I give her the best start to her mission that she deserves... but yes, we are also whitewashing here in an area that´s called Nuevo Amanecer. It´s a branch that is almost a ward and the missionaries before us established really strong member and missionary relationships, so when me and my comp came, there was a ton of support! And there's like a missionary work fever here! A ton of people want to have us over or to leave with us! It´s like heaven for a missionary! And this week, me and my comp have seen a ton of miracles. For example, in the other three times that I´ve whitewashed, I have never found so many families as I have had here in this area, nor have we had so much success in week 1 as we did this week! It´s truly been amazing. Idk what we´re doing, but the Lord has truly blessed us, and hopefully through our efforts, has blessed those we´ve talked to and visited. Seriously, idk how these things happened, but they´ve happened! We´ve gotten to know a lot of the members (and it hasn´t even been a week yet), we´ve got family home evenings to go to, we´ve got a ton of new investigators, and we´ve even got some references, new appointments, and i just know that things are going to keep moving forward. I know that the hard things are just around the corner, but I also know that me and my comp are going to be seeing many miracles. I´m stoked to be here! And finally, when I feel like I finally know enough to be an effective missionary, imma gonna leave. But that means I get to push push push and run those last 100m of the race, even though it´s the hardest, it´s what I´ve worked for.

I think what I want to invite you all to do is look for the miracles in this week. It´s turkey week, and thanksgiving week, and we all have a ton to be thankful for. So during this week, amongst the eating and the celebrating, I invite you all to take some time to recognize, during each day, the miracles that the Lord has blessed you with. Then, truly be thankful :D 

Love you all and take care! Thanks for everything you´ve all done for me!! Enjoy the food and family!! :D Happy Thanksgiving!!

Love, aloha, y amor,

Hermana Ho

Me and my daughter, Hermana Monjarás.

me and hermana Nazaire with our daughters (yes, her first time training too)

us with president and Hermana Corbitt

us ;D I love her so much!

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