Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, November 9, 2015

El fin esta cerca y hay poco tiempo

So , theres a song in spanish that talks about the how the end is drawing near and there's not enough time... yeah i think that describes my week.  Wow, okay, idk where to even start... seriously, the days just fly and idk where they go anymore! well, we finally got in contact with the jimenez family and they are doing good. It's still kinda slow with their progression, but they need a small push to keep on going. We're trying to work on that. But they are still amazing :D I love them so much and they want to take me to see Brother Jimenez's baseball team play before I go home!! haha they are sweet. everyone else is doing okay... it's kinda been a little slow with the spiritual progression with our investigators, and a lot of that is due to the fact that they aren't home when we pass by. But it's okay :) 

This week has basically been filled with a lot of contacting. Just knocking on doors and trying to find people to teach. We've been blessed with a lot of rain here this week too ... and lots of wet socks!! hahaha but its truly been a blessing. It tests your faith to see if you'll step out there to find people. And I can truly testify that we have been blessed for these efforts! We were able to find a lady, Rosario, who said that she had had missionaries teach her before. We talked with her a little and it seems like she was really open to listening again. The spirit directed us to ask if she would be baptized on Dec 19th and she said yes! So that was a miracle in and of itself! We just had to walk in the rain for a little bit and put our faith in the Lord and we were blessed to find this wonderful woman! We really don't know who is prepared until we put our faith and actions into the work!

Other things that have happened is that we are strengthening our relationships with the ward and are working on getting to know them even more. We've been trying to have FHEs with the families and have been inviting a greater variety of people to leave with us and we have seen the fruits of our labors! it doesn't come immediately, but it's amazing how much the Lord has blessed our missionary efforts when the members and missionaries work together. 

So with that being said, I want to invite you all to leave with the missionaries this week or to invite them into the house. I know that we are all busy and have a lot of things to do, but the missionaries understand. All they want is a little of our time to help out our wards. :D And I know that we will be blessed to when we help them, maybe in ways that we can't see. 

Thank you all for all you do and for your love and support! Love you all!!

Love, aloha, y amor, 
Hermana Ho

Me and the sisters I lived with. we decided to do a family photo shoot and the pics turned out pretty nice :D

Sahony's baptism! It also happened to be combined with one of my old investigators' baptism, Shyna. the two girls got along great :D and yes, I made leis for them :D theres also Sahony and her brother that baptized her.

some things never change ... 

We decorated cupcakes (thanks to a cupcake package we got :D) for Halloween ... than I might've started a mini war ... woops! 

And Me and sister Allen "celebrated" our 16 month day. 

Sunrise here :D

yups, I'm still stealing food :D 

Service project! The way we clean in the dr ... just throw water on the walls and mop it up after and then we're all good :D

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