Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Savior is Born

This week was another week of miracles. We´ve been able to find a ton of families to teach, and we´ve even gotten some references from the members! Nuevo Amanecer is super special, and this stake is in the good hands of a great stake president. We´ve been able to get to know a lot of the members and to visit them in their humble homes and share the message of "a savior has been born". One of the lessons that we had, we shared with a mom and her 14 year old son and her little daughter. We were able to watch the video and they really liked a lot. The member that accompanied us bore a simple and great testimony about the savior and as a result, the son came to church this past sunday! The son knows the son of the member and so when the member invited him to come to church, he said "steven is your son right? yeah, he's different. I have a lot of friends but they aren't like Steven. Steven is a good example and I trust him. I'll come to church with Steven." And they both came :D the mom had to work unfortunately, but that was one little miracle that we saw. And I know that there are many more to come. I hope that in this Christmas, we can share the gift of the Savior and invite all to come unto Him this Christmas and to worship Him in Church. I know that this iniciative that the Chruch is doing has been inspired and I have the faith that it will bring many miracles into the lives of many. All we need to do is share it! 

Anway, love you all so much! thank you for all of the love and support that you have given me! Have a great week!!

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

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