Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow! But you Gotta Hang on Til Tomorrow

Thank you all for sharing the gospel with everyone. even though some people will reject the message that we have to share, there will be those who will accept it, live it, and rejoice in it with us. thank you all for being persistent and diligent in your efforts! The Lord is pleased when we are obedient to His commandments :)

Sounds like there were some trials back home this past week. Looks like Satan was working hard on both islands hahaha! I got sick on Wednesday with a fever and a sore stomach (I'm all better now today, trust me, just not eating a ton like before :) I think I got a virus or something that's going around. But I was bedridden and slept pretty much the entire day ... but what's the opportunity in the opposition? It made me want to work even harder the next day!! And we sure did! We had received a reference from the ward secretary and so the day after I was sick, we went out with the brother to teach his reference... and wow! This guys was prepared to receive the missionaries! His name is Solifer, and he's about 24 and studying. The member works in the temple once a week and contacted Solifer in the street a couple times as he was walking to the university (it's by the temple). So the brother invited Solifer to receive the missionaries and he accepted! And when we went to visit him, he had some questions and accepted to be baptized in that same lesson! It was a spiritual lesson and plus, Solifer has a big family. He's got 4 siblings and his dad just recently remarried ... legally(that's rare). So I think the Lord has big plans for this family! 

There's been lots of hard points that we came across this week. But, like the title of the email says, tomorrow will come, but you gotta keep hanging on, keep pushing and keep persevering. And it all pays off in the end. It was a little hard for me to keep pushing forward, but we did it! We were able to have our stake conference this past weekend, and one of our investigators, Frank Cocco, came and really liked it. he's been investigating for a while, but is hesitant to be baptized. But he really enjoyed all the talks in the conference and we're hoping that it animated him just a little more. Also, Sabiel, the young man I talked about last week, came to the Saturday session with Steven and I believe he also stayed for the priesthood session! He's a great kid. 

I know that when the trials come, it's hard to look for the opportunities in the opposition. But I can assure you that there's a lot of opportunities! I'm still working one looking at the opportunities first before looking at the opposition. And one of my companions that lives with me shared with me a good thought. "Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy." Men ARE that they might have JOY. We were meant to have joy! We were sent here to have the joy that our Heavenly Father desires that we have! Adam fell so that men might exist and might have joy! We deserve to have joy! This past week, we were also able to go to the temple and President Corbitt spoke to us inside about being obedient and the law of sacrifice. I know that when we are obedient and keep the law of sacrifice, that we will find that joy in the opposition. We will find the joy that we so deserve and that God created us to have. Adam fell so that we could have joy. The Savior was born so that we might have joy. So many others sacrificed so much for us so that we might have joy in this day. What great love they all showed for us! So this week, I encourage you all to look at the opportunities that God has given us so that we might have joy! And share these experiences in the family :) I'll do it from my end here too. And if you guys so desire, I would love to here your experiences too :D Love you all and take  care this week! Thank you for everything that you do! 

Love, aloha, y amor,

Hermana Ho

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