Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Next 15 Months Behind Bars

Hola Hola!!!

On every corner, there's a little colmodo. ok, not every corner, but they are like these little stores people just open up and they have pretty much almost anything. I wouldn't suggest buying your meat from here though ... but everything is, ya! And it's owned by dominicans. But there are quite a few stores owned by Chinese, like pica pollo (fried chicken) and other random shops. But everyone knows the "chinos" as they are called. I got called a china once ... idk how that kid knew, but yeah. He's good! Haha

Did that answer your questions? If not, let me know! And dad, I would love to take pics of everything but I'm just worried to pull out my camera in certain areas. Plus, I don't think anyone would appreciate if I took a picture of their weirdly shaved legs ...

Anywho, Yeah, this week is general conference! We do get to watch it live! Woo Hoo! I'm excited! I'm hoping that they have an english room, but I doubt it. Normally, I hear that there’s a french, spanish, and english room in the stake center, but I think our ward is broadcasting it too. So we'll see how it goes. Plus, we need to bring an investigator if we want to go. And it will be live! From 12-2pm and 4-6pm with the priesthood session for men from 8-10pm. Late, but welcome to the DR where everyone stays up late! 

This past week, we had transfers and guess what? Not a greenie anymore! There are a few new people here and in the same spot that I was in a couple weeks ago with no spanish ... but, esta bien. Oh, and the title of my email. So in our house, we have a ton of windows. In all houses, in front of the windows are like these fancy bars. You can probably look up a picture, but they are on everyone’s windows. No screens, which I think would help a LOT of the problems here (like insects) but yeah, so I'll be living a year and a half behind bars hahaha.

Anyway, this week was a rollercoaster, as always. In church, hardly any of our investigators came, but we did call one guy and he woke up and came! He's from my family, the Adon family. His name is Frankeli and he's 24 and sooo funny! hahaha and he's got a baptismal date for the 11 of October! He chose it himself! And we believe he's ready. He just needs to have a strong testimony and Hermana Fletcher and I keep praying for him. He's so nervous for his baptism too! He's like "I have to get baptized in front of people? How many? 30!! And dunked in water?" he just covers his face and I try not to laugh at his reaction hahaha!!! I love the guy! 

Alex is doing great I think ... we haven't seen him for a while, it feels like, cause he's been out of town. Apparently he's got a job now, which is great, but which could also conflict with attending church. We have a visit tonight with him, so we'll see what's going on with him.  But he's great and his family is awesome too! He's got a 14year old sister, Rosio, who is just hilarious! She always says hi to us and hugs us. Then there is Brian, who's my age and one point just busted out singing Akon to us and "I believe I can fly" and I could only bust out laughing cause it was so unexpected! But that's about the extent of most of his english...the songs hahahahaha!! 

We have another investigator with a lot of potential too. Her name is Rosanna and she's in her early 20s. She comes to english class every Saturday (we teach the intermediate level, there's also beginning and advanced. and I love teaching these guys! It's only for an hour, an hour of service, but I love love love talking to these people and helping them learning english!) Also, she is diligently reading the BOM in English and Spanish, so we are trying to help her gain a testimony about it. But she loves to talk to us about so many things and I love listening and talking to her too!

Oh, and about your invitation to invite the family! Yay! I'm stoked for you guys! I think that would be a great idea! Missionaries can only do so much to try and retain new converts or investigators until they are transferred or something. But if those people have friends in the church, that makes attending easier! Fellowship them! You guys can so do it! I wish I could be there to help! keep me posted!

Emotionally, I'm doing ok. It's really rough some days. Sometimes I forget to turn out and serve others, including my companion. Sometimes I get so frustrated, especially when I can't understand the people that I love. Sometimes I get homesick. But then I have those moments when I'm sitting in a cita (appointment) with an investigator and the spirit is so strong and I remember why I'm here. Like with Alex or Frankeli, when they said they'd be baptized. It's those moments that I live for. And will missionary work ever be easy. no. and why? why why why? Because (according to Elder Holland), it was never, ever easy for the Lord. There's those days that I walk with Him in the streets and I feel like people just don't want anything to do with the gospel. Theres other times I feel (but it's not literal, just feel) like I've been spit on, ridiculed, rejected for doing the right thing. That's what happened to the Savior. As a missionary, we walk the road to Calvary like the Savior. We labor with all our might and I'm sure that Christ was happy and felt joy a lot. But the scriptures talk about Christ weeping. And it's ok to cry. But missionary work, for any person, is never, ever easy, because it was never, ever easy for the Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Dad, you can probably testify to this. This is all in reference to a devotional given to missionaries by Elder Holland. But then, let us remember how many souls He brought unto Him and His father, before His time and after, and during. The road of a missionary is hard. For me, for you, for every member and missionary there is. But after all we can do, in this life, imagine how great our joy will be when we can, in the life after, see the fruits of our labor! and even be worthy enough to stand before the Lord and say "Father, thy work is done." The work is so hard. So hard. But is it worth it? Yes. Is it worth seeing the smile on someone’s face when you share the Restoration? Yes. Or when they accept an invitation to be baptized? yes. or when you hear them get excited about having a referral for us? yes! 

So, I'm sorry this is so ... missionary talk hahaha, but I invite you guys to accept that invitation to fellowship that family! And whoever else! Perhaps they may not join the church now. Or their daughter. But maybe one of their kids will serve a mission later and have a family and his kids will have families, all in the church cause you helped out their grandpa. Who knows?

I love you guys so much! I pray for you all every day! Keep being amazing examples in all you do! I hope this week isn't too crazy for you and you all can breath and relax a little! Thank you for fulfilling your callings too, in church and in our family. I am so proud of all of you. Love you all so much!!

Hermana Ho

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