Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, September 1, 2014

Follow the spiders? Why couldn't it be 'Follow the Butterflies'?

Can anyone guess the movie? Hahaha yups, it's harry potter! You have no idea how much I hate spiders, mosquitos, ants, and flies ... but esta bien. All is well here in the DR!  

Thank you for everything! I love hearing about life back home! I'm so glad for Ioane! Tell him I said congrats!! And that he's awesome! haha and wow, i've got some amazing siblings! So talented! This past sunday, in sunday school, (I think) we were talking about developing our talents. It was hard to understand the most part, but i've been trying to look for the talents in the peole that surround me. I'm so grateful to have such a talented family! You guys are amazing!

Dad, thanks for your advice. I'll be sure to use my filter then ... and the exercises I'll do. Mom, that's so awesome that you are talking to the other moms! Yes, I live with my companion, Hermana Fletcher, and Hermana Cox and Hermana Hansen, who are both sister training leaders. Hermana Hansen is on her last 3 weeks in the mission and Hermana cox will most likely be transfered next time. But they are both awesome! As for how I am ... I can't really say. It's really, really REALLY hard. but it's fun and amazing at the same time. The people in the ward are super helpful, which makes work here in Los Frailes a little more easier.  My companion is a great example and teaches me so much and is very patient with me. This week, something in my attitude changed and we've become really good friends within this past week. Idk why, but it just happened and even in the rough times, we are there for each other. It's cool how the Lord works. 

Anyway, nothing too exciting happened this week. But we had a guy from the 70 come down and speak to our mission. So we did it 3 districts at a time, and there were about ... maybe 100 missionaries there in the building when my district went. We were asked to prepare 2 talks before that day: one on our purpose and one on our focus as missionaries. I prepared for the first one, wrote the whole thing out, but I was banking on not being chosen. We wouldn't know until that hour when they picked whoever. So it was really nice! We all got to shake him and his wife's hand (Oh, their names were Elder y Hermana Hernandez). Super sweet and nice! Then the meeting started and they called up four people. ... and my name was the fourth. Okay, giving a talk is already nerve racking. BUT IN SPANISH?!?!?!?! AND IN FRONT OF A MEMBER OF THE 70?!?!?!?! and in front of all these missionaries?!?! It was a good thing they asked me to talk on the one talk I did prepare! So... it was a very simple talk ... but I did it! I hope everyone understood me! hahaha oh geez I'm banking on the fact that the spirit was there hahaha  But after the meeting, I met this one elder, poly, and he had family in Hawaii! His name was tongan ... and started with an Mon______. Yeah, but we took a pic and I tried to upload it here, but it's not working. anyway, so if you run across a mom that has the beginning of that name and she's got a poly son here ... I met him! Also, a lot of the elders kept asking me if I knew an Elder Shimamoto or something ... I don't think I do. But he's also from Hawaii. So yeah. it was a cool conference, overall! 

Anyway, thank you all for your love and support! I miss you guys a ton! Sometimes I get homesick, but then I remember why I'm here ... it's for the people. Always. And for the Lord, of course. My planner cover is a picture of the four young pioneer men who helped everyone cross the frozen river that one cold day. The significance of that story is that they forgot themselves and went to work. And that is my goal for this transfer: forget myself and go to work. Also, to just do it. Those men didn't hesitate or question or ask:They did. They just did it, no questions no hesitations, no doubts. So, they are my inspiration. Love you guys! Keep having fun and being safe! Put your all into everything you do! you only live that day once! Love you guys!!

Hermana Ho

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