Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's the start of something new!

Had a few high school musical moments this week ... such as wanting to dance (can I have this dance?) and the start of something new! Things are finally looking up in our area. 

Things are going great! Thank you so much for your love and support and for letting me go on a mission! I love it! I love the people! And also, my companian and I have grown really close. We wander the streets a lot when our appointments fall through, looking for people, but we are okay cause we entertain each other ... and so do the creepers (we call the frecos, or flirts). Yeah, I've been asked if I could marry someone a few times now ... it's a no shame country. BUT don't worry dad! you are still the only man in my life! besides Ammon ... and grandpa ... etc. Anyway, yeah, she's awesome! And things are getting easier. The ward here is very supportive of missionary work and we've been getting more references. Not much, but more. We aren't supposed to contact here in this area because we are supposed to work through the members to get references. But, esta bien. 

This week I've realized how important each member is in missionary work, whether they realize it or not. Just having a member, any member, whether YM, YW, or adult, come with us to an appointment makes a HUGE difference! No joke! Just having them share their testimony makes a world of a difference in lessons! And ward callings! holy cow, it's SUCH a blessing when members fulfill their callings and work with us! The members here want to be involved and we have received a lot of support from them. So, I challenge each person that reads this to fulfill your calling as a member and as whatever calling you have! work with the missionaries! We are always so grateful to have people volunteer to come with us to meetings, even if our schedules don't complement each other. yeah, me and my companion are getting to know the ward together a lot better, especially since the whitewashing part is wearing off in this area. We got this! We have a great ward mission leader and bishop. But the members are extraordinary too in helping the ward progress. We seriously can't do it without them! Our stake president is in our ward and he spoke to all the leaders this past Sunday about working with us to get investigators to church. I love him! He's awesome! 

Oh, and remember how I was chosen to speak last week? Well, This past Sunday was fast Sunday (btws, I was a little worried how it would go ... we fasted from lunch on saturday to lunch on Sunday, and our afternoons are proselyting hours. ... so I hydrated a TON on friday, but honestly, I was not at all hungry or thirsty until lunch on Sunday, nor was I dehydrated. Miracle!) So I felt as though I should bear my testimony ... and of course, had to follow the prompting, so I did. ai mi madre ... it was sooooo nerve racking! Me and my comp did it and it was honestly worse than giving a talk in stake conference. Everyone knew I was new in this country, so i felt like everyone paid attention ... all eyes on me! Scary, but I did it in my broken spanish. Hopefully they understood ... haha but it was good!

Tomorrow, we go to the temple!! as a zone. we have to leave the house at 6:45 to get to the temple, dressed and ready, by 8:15am. I'm stoked! Don't worry too much about the name, cause it's too late for this trip (my bad! I kept forgetting to ask!), but we are just doing a session. And we only go through every 6 months or so :( But I'm stoked! 

To answer some questions, no, we aren't allowed to eat at the member's homes. Honestly, (no offense to this country, cause I love it!!) I really wouldn't want to chance it. The food smells so good and the people are more than willing to feed us (we get offered food all the time), but sanitary wise, it's not good for us. We have to bleach water our fruits and veggies we buy and stuff. On the bright side though mom, there's always food in the house. So no worries :) 

So many mini miracles are happening here it's awesome. I absolutely love everyone here!! Except for the creepers who call me "mi amor" ... well, I guess I have to love everyone though, don't I? ok, so I love them less than everyone else. But I love everyone! We have some great investigators. One is named Alex. He's 21 and has an ADORABLE 1 year old baby girl. She gives us kisses all the time :) but he has so much potential and asks about everything about the church (except he asks so many questions that we don't have time to actually teach a lesson). But he's awesome! We're hoping to get him baptized. He asked if he was allowed to serve a mission! But because of the obvious circumstance, (and because we haven't taught him lesson 1 all the way through yet), he can't ... yet! Another guy we have is Victor, who is always so happy and smiling and makes me and my comp happy every time we talk to him. He's like 23 and he's awesome! He was a reference by a member. Alex found us on the street and started talking to us. 

Anyway, that's just some of the people. I'm sorry i can't share pics cause my camera doesn't work on this computer :( but when I get the chance, I will! 

Thank you for you faith family! Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not to thine own understanding ... in all thy ways, acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths. In school, in work, stay strong! I love you guys so much! I appreciate a lot your emails and hearing about life back home. Keep up the good work! Love you all! And remember, every member a missionary! Work with the missionaries! Don't be afraid to step out of your bubble! or expand it, whichever works for you. Share share share! You never know who the Lord has prepared for you and for the gospel. Love you all!!


Hermana Ho

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