Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Tell the guards to open up...the gaaaaaates"

Hola mi familia!!

I miss you guys a ton! And there's so much to tell you and i only have a few miniutes. So forgive my spelling (i promise, I did get my diploma) for the next couple paragraphs.

Life here is great! My district is amazing and we have been growing so much together, ever since that sunday. I think i told you guys about that. The language is still hard, but I'm putting sentences together! So that's good! Last night we had all these spanish speakers come in from like mexico, puerto rico, guatamala, nicaragua, and the DR and ... well, let's just say I have a long ways to go until I'm fluent, but it's not as bad as day 1! I've learned that attitude is everything. There was one day when I didn't start my morning off so hot, but then I decided I needed to change (for the sake of my companion) and it worked! i was good for the rest of the day! But i'm sooo tired every single day!!! no matter whether I "sleep-in" (which is the 5 minutes between 625 and 630) or go to bed on time.  Yeah, it's rough, but it's a good tired.

The "lessons" with my "investigators" are going well (it's all roleplay, btws), and my companiion and I got 1 guy baptized!! yaya! We are working on two other people and they're a little harder to get to .. but I know that I can do it! We've been told by senior couples that we "taught", during their feedback to us, have said we have a great companionship and work really well together.  I think we do too! I mean, we aren't the best, but this one guy said that we're further along than others so that gives me hope. I can't understand the conversations between mi companera and investigator all the time, but the Holy ghost is with me and guides me and he helps me say what I want to say when. even though I can't talk fluent, Hermana Fife is patient and helps me say what I need to say. She's honestly amazing!

So this past sunday i had to give a talk, ... in spanish.  The way it works is that you prep a talk and the president calls on you that day.  So i talked about the restoration or more specifically, the faith of Joseph Smith and the members. ... yeah, I might've gotten choked up cause I shared my own personal experience of going to the grove with ROC and singing a song there that was really touching .. but it turned out all good. Mi espanol es roto, pedo me testimonio es no roto = my spanish is broken ... but my testmony is not broken. That's what I told them.

Ok, the subject title: so, we finally go to go outside the CCM. I mean, it's great here, but we're cooped up inside a gated area. So we finally got to go outside to go to the store and it was amazing! Thus, the title of this email. And it was amazing! I loved it! The people are awesome and this place is more humid than home, but it was super nice to finally get out. "There'll be actual real life people. It'll be totally strange. But wow am i so ready for this change!!" That song was in my head the whole time we were outside and it literally described my life. btws, I'm having movie and song withdrawals soo ... please keep a list of movies for me. Luckily, my companera loves movies and songs as much as I do so we sing all the time ... just not the love songs, but the other "uplifting" songs we sing ... so disney counts ;)

Anyways, I have to go. I love you guys! The work here is so great and I'm looking forward to serving out in the field. yeah, it's super rough and hard when i can't understand people, but it's all good. My mission isn't for me. That's not the main point. It's for the people outside these gates, waiting for me.

There have been so many spiritual experiences here I wish i could tell them all. but I can't ;( but know that it's amazing here and the spirit thrives. keep up the good work!

Oh and Ammon, if you are going on a mission, read the Preach my gospel. We watched a devotional from Elder Holland to us misionaros and he basically told us that its for us misionaros and not for the investigators. ... he kinda yelled at us read it cause he helped make it and knows what it means to him ... so i kinda need to read it more .. lol

Hermana Ho

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