Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, May 11, 2015


Yes it was super nice to talk to you guys! I'm so glad to see everyone is doing well. And I'm going to keep this one short so I can try and send some pics. But yes, I'm doing good :DSorry that I'm THAT awkward missionary now lol. But alls going good. Thanks for your examples for me and for your emails. And thanks for my plan mom!  But yeah, the interview thing ... was a joke. A stinkin joke from the office elders. I swear, they abuse their powers as assistants to the president lol :D But they're cool. I saw their number pop up on the phone, so when I answered, all I said was "I didn't do it! I swear, I didn't do it!" and that's when he said I had an interview. But he also called my companion and told her I had an interview, which is why we thought it was real! But it's all gee, Imma talk to him today, cause I'm going to the office ... stinker. 

Anyway, I'm going to try and send some pics now. And thanks for all of your stories and questions! Seriously, if you guys have stories, feel free to send them. I can't promise I'll respond back, but I can promise that I read every single one and think of them :D And dad, yes, I understand your mission stories now! It's weird you and grandma and grandpa didn't talk more about your missions. not saying that it's bad you guys didn't do it! But they're fun to hear. And you can bet I got a LOT of stories to keep you all up for days! :D hahaha well, that's all for now. Love you all and talk to you later! 

Love, aloha, y amor,
Hermana Ho

Me & the Hato Mayor sisters together again!

Me & the Temple
(yes, they straightened my hair.  Well, Hermana Gingell really wanted to do it so I let her)

Not the best pic of me, but this is Junior and Yiara (Jara) from my other area who are so amazing and super cute :)

Some of the youth that I got to know and teach

Another cute couple who helped us out a lot in Hainamosa.

Reunited in Hato Mayor or the baptism of the familia Diaz.

The adorable family (only one of their 3 kids)

The family Diaz and all the missionaries that went, who at one point taught them :)

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