Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, October 20, 2014

This Week...

Sorry, couldn't think of anything for the title this week. But I do have a few things to say.

First, thanks for inviting Frank Kelly! Hahaha it's funny because you are talking with him mom and I feel like Alex is talking with dad. Oh which reminds me dad that Alex says "Saludos Kyle para mi!" aka "Tell Kyle hi for me!" So yeah, you guys are pretty popular here in the DR. But Frankeli always likes to update me on when he's talked to you hahaha 

Second, congrats on your calling! or your one less calling :) That's awesome! plus, i think it'll go hand in hand with the school choir. Idk why you're worrying so much, i'm sure you're doing great. If it makes you feel better, here in the DR, everyone and I mean EVERYONE likes to sing! The only thing is that most don't really know how... if you know what I mean, but they'll sing anyway. So we can't really do parts in our ward choir. I guess what makes it so special is the desire that they have to sing and that they sing with their whole souls! In the end, don't worry about how it'll turn out. For the school choir, the kids will bring something special with each number, in pitch or not :) They have that spirit with them every time they sing. And in the ward choir, the spirit is in every song. And those people want to be there too, they aren't obligated (unless maybe, it's your family hahaha jk jk) but because of their desire, and their soul that they put into it, it'll be fine. 

As for mission prep...The more practice you get in before hand, the better! it's not fun all the time, but then again the question is, is mission prep for you? or is mission prep for those the Lord is and has prepared for you? :) I've discovered this week that the Lord has great plans for each of us. For example, Frankeli. We've seen him a lot since his baptism and each time, he's different. In a good way. In the way where me and Hermana Fletcher look at him and just FEEL his potential that he has in the church. Even his semi-less active mom said that he has a lot of potential. We don't know what the Lord has in store for him, but Frankeli's only one example that the Lord has great plans for each of us.

As for everything else in Hawaii, wow! That's so awesome! And thanks for the pics! Everyone is sooo .... grown up! Except dad. hahaha I feel like dad just gets more and more hilarious every time! hahaha love ya dad! And thanks for doing the name! If you can, can you please do the initiatory? because I think we only do sessions. We only have time for that much. 

So, there weren't any life-threatening events that happened this week, so i'll take this time to tell you guys more about the people we see.

Enercy is getting baptized hopefully! Since she is only 13, we need permission from her parents. When we went to talk to her mom, her stepdad was there ... and we asked her mom if she could get baptized and her stepdad said no ... thing is, I don't think there's a solid relationship between Enercy and her stepdad ... and there was a heated discussion between Hermana Fletcher and him about it (not to the point of shouting or anything, but both sides were ... yeah.) Then there's me ... oh hey, i'll pretend I understand every word. lol, but she got her interview, so we need to talk to her mom this week. Since the stepdad was there, her mom was VERY hesitant to sign the paper, when any other day, she probably would've just signed it. There's more to the story than we know, but if all goes well, we're baptizing her this saturday!

Gladys: she is about 45 years old and is menos activo. less active. Sorry, spanglish is kicking in. But she joined the church when she was 15 and then went less active after she got married. But then she had a really traumatic accident in her brain, to the point that she forgot2 years of her life. she had to relearn how to eat too. But slowly, she started getting her memory back. And this is a miracle because that just doesn't happen after what she had. So her son has been trying to force her to come to the Evangelico church, but she told him that when she goes to church, she's going to go to the right one and she knows that this church is the right one. The only issue we have with her is her health. She lives a long ways away from the church and wants to walk, but her health is sketchy. But she has that testimony and strong desire to go to church! So we're trying to get a member to drive her to church every sunday.

Arlette: She is a 13 year old girl who's dad died a month ago. her mom works basically from 5am-6pm or so and she lives with her 2 sisters. She wants to come to church, but she has so many needs right now. She's sweet, even though she has some sass and attitude sometimes, but we know that she is hurting from her dad's passing. So we are trying to work with her.

Willy, Argeni, Angelina, Manuel: This is a family. Willy is the dad who isn't working ... I think he has some family that pays for things for him. His wife, who he just married (legally), left for Spain to work. So his sons, Argeni and Manuel, and his daughter Angelina are very interested in the church and they each have a BOM because they want to read it. They love reading it and showing us how much they read! We're trying to work with Willy to stay in lessons with us cause sometimes he's there or sometimes he goes and does something else, despite the fact that we are teaching him too ... So we'll see what happens :)

Samir: He is 20 with a 1.5 year old daughter, who is just adorable! He's a less active. His mom is the 1st counselor in the relief society and his brothers, Michael and Vicito,are so sweet. His mom, Samirka, is a single mom and she raised these boys soooo well. All three of them are really good guys and has so much potential. Michael taught me the right way to iron a white collared shirt the other night and in turn, I gave him a preach my gospel book in spanish. Anyway, Samir wants to come back to church, but he's in the university full time and has a full-time job and his only days off are sundays. Plus he has his daughter. He's a great guy and the good news is that he came to church yesterday! oh, and fun fact about him: His nickname is "chiquito" which translates to "tiny." Everyone calls him that. But let me tell you, the guy is huge. he's tall and fit. everything BUT chiquito! so it's a joke between me an my companion :)

That's about all for now. We are currently looking for new investigators. Oh and btws, yesterday, Alex and Frankelly got the priesthood yesterday!! Yay! I didn't get to go and see it cause I had an emergency exchange (one of the hermanas in my house is sick and since our chapel is closer, she went there while I went to hers). But yay! This week, I have a challenge for you all: Think of someone you know, family, friend, teacher, coworker, anyone, that you are having a hard time getting along with, and find a way to serve them. Serve them with all your heart might mind and strength. Then let me know the outcome :) 

Love you all! Keep being involved and don't give up on anything! Remember, the Lord is with you, even when you feel alone or when you feel down about something. Love you all! 

Love, and Aloha, and saludos,
Hermana Ho

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