Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, October 13, 2014

There can be miracles when you believe though hope is frail, it's hard to kill

Okay, the title of the email: holy smokes. have you guessed the movie yet? or the singers? :) Anyway, that has to do with the baptisms. but first, let me get through the week. 
So sometime this past week, I was at Frankelly's house and his brother francisco and his (step)mom Yanny (pronounced Honey) were there. We had an FHE with them and after, I taught them hula. I couldn't dance, but the guys is easy to show without doing anything. So I showed them and when I tried to get a beat going, ... Francisco started beat boxing! hahahaha it was hilarious! These two young guys, trying to do hula to beat boxing! ohmygosh you should've seen Francisco's umi!! Hahahahahahahaha i couldn't show them, I could only try and explain it to them. But They both bent their knees super low and they did it!! hahaha I tried to tell them about tahitian ... that was fun. So Francisco did a little tahitian too hahahah oh mi madre it was so hilarious! But yeah. Just a little about my family here for you guys. Plus, every time we pass the house and Frankelly is outside, he always shouts "ALOHA!" to us hahaha they only live like 3 houses down, so we pass pretty frequently.
Also, I was a little sick this past week. Just a cold, but I was exhausted every day. So when we went to Frankelly's house on that day (not the same as the hula night), he made me a tea. I got my first tea, ever, in my life. He went around and picked leaves off these random (okay, dad, not random, but idk which ones) trees, and bought some halls (yes, the cough medicine), and boiled it in water. It was pretty good! And I felt a lot better after that. He's awesome :)
Okay, now for the baptisms. This was a roller coaster. So, we had the 2 baptisms on Saturday at 6pm. No one really showed up until 6pm. and then that was only 2 (one was doing the baptism and the other, his brother, was welcoming them into elders quorum). No stress, right? Slowly, one person after another showed up. excluding alex and frankelly. it didn't help that neither of them answered their phones. rewind to a couple hours earlier: I tried to look nice. didn't think i would sweat much. but that was before we went to pick up someone who lives yay far away. So we arrive at the church at 3:30 for english class, sweaty and gross, and with the 3 girls we went to pick up ... one of which has major, major ... sass. Sorry to say it. But keep that in mind. English class didn't go to good either ... Stress added up. Then after, we had to set up for the baptism ... but we didn't know we were going to really have to babysit the 3 girls. Stress. Then Alex and Frankelly don't show up. ... and then it's 6:10. and all these other young men are here who are participating in the program. 6:20. OUr ward mission leader shows up in his car, and we tell him the problem. So he goes to look for Alex. 6:40. Comes back with Alex, and me and hna Fletcher are just overjoyed! Then Johan Guzman comes (another one of my really great friends! He's a recent convert of 4 months but soooo involved in the church! Plus, he was doing the baptism for Frankelly) and I almost hug the guy cause I'm so happy to see him! Then we are just praying that Frankelly comes and we turn around, and Frankelli walks in!!! I almost cry. Seriously. So the baptisms may have started 45-50minutes late, but they happened! And we got some great pics too! Oh, and after, we gave them their leis (they had like 3 candy ones each and the fake flower ones) and they are sooo excited to see them! Especially frankelly! I showed him my pics of people in leis and when I told him that i'd give him some for his baptism, he was soooo excited! Anyway, the other young men there (mind you, these are 19-23 year old guys, members) saw the leis and were all like "so when are you going to baptize me?!" hahaha but the best part was when that happened, Frankelli and Alex opened up their candy and shared it with everyone! I was not expecting that, but that was awesome! I love those guys! Anyways, this is one of the miracles that happened that day. I lacked some hope, but I had hope. and faith. and strangly, even though I was stressed, I was at peace too, because I knew it was in the Lord's hands.
The next day, we recieved 3 new guys into our ward who were confirmed in sacrement meeting. Alex and Frankelly and another guy, Danny (who was taught by the other hermanas in our ward. There's 4 of us). It was a happy day :) Little side note, but last night, we had a stake meeting with all the leaders in the stake and wards. and we went over baptismal goals for each ward. Some wards had high high goals, but the actual number was super low. Our ward had a goal of 31 baptisms. and our actual number that we had as of right now is 24! We were the closest to our goal! I know it's not a competition, but it goes to show how blessed I am to have a ward that works so closely with the missionaries. So blessed :)
Life here in the DR is good. I'm understanding more spanish every day. Can't say I can speak it, but I'm getting the hang of it. And time flies here! The days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days! My comp and I are doing good. Besides having a cold, I've been good. Please pray for the other hermanas in my house though. They have some health issues, and we are hoping that one of them isn't too serious. Also, i have an interview with President Corbitt this week. I love this guy! Me and Hermana Cox were talking about him (we had splits the other day and it was me and her. She's also the sister trainging leader of our area) and we both said that we imagine that the atmosphere that surrounds him is the same that surrounded Christ. He just has so many christ-like attributes and he's so understanding and has so much knowledge! He's so great!
Anyway, that's all I have for this week. Well, it's a lot, but yeah. It's good stuff. And if there's one thing to get out of this, it's to have hope. and faith in the Lord. All of the Christ-like attributes.
Anyways, enjoy your week back at school! Good luck with everything! And good luck with your jobs! Thanks for being an amazing family! I love sharing about you guys with my investigators and contacts. Believe it or not, your pics are shared a lot :) Love you guys! And have a great week!

Love and Aloha,
Hermana Ho

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