Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Monday, November 10, 2014

Now Let Us Rejoice!

There are so many things to rejoice about right now! 

Alrighties, so yes, now I am in the country, or el campo, as we call it. It's as campo as the sisters can get in this mission. And I love it! The house that I live in is big and has a gorgeous view of the mountains. We actually have greenery here! It's beautiful! There's parts that remind me of Hawaii. like in Laie roads, when you drive down a road with greenery on both sides, except there is only a rocky dirt road. And there's plenty of houses, but there's little smidgets of memories of Hawaii here and there. I love it! 

It was a little hard to get adjusted to the schedule here. Me and my comp are both new to the missionary life. Oh, my comp!!! okay, i'm pretty sure I have the cutest, sweetest, most loving comp ever!!! She's adorable! A doll! When i send a picture, you can see. her name is Hermana Maltos and she's been a member since 17, but she's known the church since she was a child. Her family was sealed about a year ago I believe. oh, and she's from Mexico. She's amazing! We left the MTC at the same time, and we both just finished our training. So right now, we are trying to figure out how to live the mission life without a trainer together. Also, I feel as though my spanish has grown so much. it's one thing to speak spanish, but it's another to speak it 24/7. She's amazing. Oh, and i'm teaching her english. She knows a lot, but putting together sentences and understanding is difficult. got any tips? 

As of right now, we are in a branch. Oh my gosh, it's so tiny. the classes, the chapel, everything. But there's a special spirit here that the members bring. you can feel the unity and their desire for the gospel. Our branch president is cool too and the guy works so hard in the branch. 

Right now, we are working with amazing people. When i came, Hermana Maltos had 3 families and wow, they are incredible! one is the Diez family, a couple who has 3 kids. The husband is so ready to be baptized (you can see it in his actions and words, even though he doesn't speak much. But when he does talk, he's got the light of christ in his eyes and an excitement to learn more about the gospel). his wife has so much faith and so many miracles in her life. She knows the BOM is true and the church is true, but she wants to make sure she knows knows ... which is hard for me and my comp, because we know she knows. She has so many miracles and evidences in her life, but she wants more. But it's okay. in time. 

We also have the Sabino family who are just cool. They remind me of polys, even though they aren't polys, but they look like them. the parents are ready for baptism, as well as their 13 year old daughter (who is amazing, by the way. She started her personal progress 1month ago and is already done with the faith section. Reminds me of Alliyah :) They have another daughter who is hardly around, and an other who said she needs more time. But if all goes well, the first three have a baptism date for the 22 of this month :) 

This past week was swell. Sometimes our appointments are a 45 minute walk (our area is HUGE), sometimes just down the road. But it's amazing. The work is going forward and the members here are always willing to help us out in any way. I hope this isn't too much to ask, but can you guys please help the missionaries in the ward? References, dinners, even just giving them water, or going out with them to the homes is a huge help. And the members can do so much more than the missionaries. We only have a slot of time in the areas we serve. But the members have way more time and experience in the area, with the people, in those situations. And it's great for investigators to have friends. don't be afraid to share the gospel! 

Anyway, there's my gospel shpill for you guys lol. Love you all and keep being amazing. The work is moving forward rapidly!! 

Hermana Ho

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